How to improve the energy efficiency of your home: what to do with the roof in an apartment building

With the approach of autumn, many Ukrainians living on the upper floors, with horror, think again the roof may leak and have to run around the apartment with a basin. And in winter it will be cold in any case: leaky roof saves heat along with Windows. So I have to freeze, but laying out “my Kingdom” for the “communal”.

“Today” has learned, how much is a new roof, are there any ways to fix its budget at the expense of the city and to act as the owner of the apartment on the last floor, which is the gaping holes in the roof causes the most discomfort.


From Kiev Olga krasnenkova, says: “In our house the roof so that the whole block, and not only on my apartment. The tenants refused to hand over the money. In the end, my family have to pay, according to preliminary estimates, more than 10 thousand UAH. In zheke said that nothing can help — they have neither the materials nor the “hands”, and offered to contact the management company for the maintenance of the housing stock of the district. But I don’t believe in their assistance.” However, management companies claim that the issue is simple, although you have to go through the whole bureaucratic procedure and wait for some time.

“Residents can contact us so we fixed the situation. We can also calculate how much and what is necessary, then residents are buying (a purse or who should be more) materials, and we will allocate masters to work”, — told in one of the organizations of Kiev.

If the housing Department refused,look for options via control of the company

TO WAIT LONGER FOR COMPENSATION. There is another option, and also — through the management company of the area. You need to pass all the circles to the condition of the roof fixed, and then to arrange payment of the funds due to the “local area content”. “The way is good that residents will be able to make repairs or slab as quickly as possible as I can to buy the materials and find workers, then they will be exempt from this kind of “communal” for some time”, — explained the specialists.

LOANS. Many Ukrainians are willing to go into debt to solve the problem, but not everything is simple. “Part of the deferred itself, something borrowed from relatives because he was sitting at home last winter outerwear” — said from Kiev Tatiana Dmitruk. Others have to contact the banks. “I credit is not given. Said, low salary and too much family” — said another resident of the capital Polina Selivanova.


Master dealing with a roofing work, agree to: leaky roof — it’s even worse missing Windows. “Warm air rises and quickly goes, — says the master-roofer Ilia Garkusha. Thus, even with maximum heating in the apartment above +16 °C, the temperature rises. The owner of such housing have no other option but to fork out for a new roof.” A special heat will not be in the case if decided to save money, you just insulate your attic:

“It is cheaper to insulate the ceiling. But it will not save you from the troubles with a leaky roof, says roofer Igor macko. — Whichever material you choose (mineral wool, foam, etc.) — it won’t hold moisture. From experience, mineral wool insulation one-bedroom apartments need at least 5 thousand UAH is unprofitable without covering the roof and “hold” the temperature in the best case up to +18 °C”.


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ALL TOGETHER. The overlap of the roof and its insulation from the attic at an average heating is, according to masters +20 °C in the apartment. But the cost of such pleasure will be more than 10 thousand UAH for a small one-bedroom apartment. “The experience: people living on the upper floors have to deal with the issue of the roof repair. Neighbors, despite the fact that this is a common problem, pretend the problem does not concern them, and they can not be forced to fold, — concludes Ilya Garkusha. — From 10 properties this year that were repaired my team, only 4 — repairs in clubbing, not all tenants of the entrances, and the only neighbors on the floor below”.

PARTIALLY. There is another option, which often use Ukrainians to fill holes in part. But here’s the catch: for the orders with great reluctance taken the wizard, and if you undertake, the price of the service goes “gold” compared to the one for which can cover the entire roof above the apartment. Although, in their own words, solidly made work on replacing a leaky roofing materials (slate, etc.) also guarantees the insulation in the apartment is almost at the level of overhaul. “We are not interested in replacing some of the “squares”: of the point the work is very laborious, but in fact earnings is small,” recognized roofers. In such situations, they suggest to come to the masters from “teams” order by patching holes in several houses.

Roofers. Reluctantly undertake partial repairs of the roof