So put pressure on the veterans of the Eastern trade and the Russian-speaking Finns: “they Tried to close the door, but the door slipped his shoes”

In Finland planning to impose restrictions to persons with dual citizenship

In Finland, preparing changes in legislation that will limit all of the posts — especially the military posts, persons with dual citizenship.

In practice, the question of dual citizenship for Russia.

The security police of Finland (Supo) believes that because of the dual citizenship people may become the target pressure.

The issue of dual citizenship is now widely discussed in Finland. A citizen of several countries − is only one factor that may cause pressure.

The Russian-speaking Finn and a businessman, whose trade with Russia, tell us how they tried to intimidate and recruit. They don’t call their names because I don’t want to reveal their identity.

Boot in the door slot

The journalist Polina Kopylova wrote about the case of pressure, which knocked her off balance. Yle describes the case of a Russian Finn. He lives in Finland and is an entrepreneur.

He doesn’t know who is behind the case of pressure.

“At eight or nine o’clock in the evening in new year’s eve 2014-2015 at my door. To me often went for cigarettes a neighbor, so this time I thought he calls. I opened the door. With me talking in pure Russian, without using harsh words or threats. It was cocky and arrogant. I said something that scared me. I tried to close the door, but the door stuck his boot. The door is held in such a position that I didn’t see behind her people, but to close it could not.

The meaning was that I was advised not to show excessive activity among the Russian-speaking population of Finland, and to carry out their work. I have asked nothing, and I was not allowed to say anything. They said if I will not come, my family and my mom living in Russia, there will be problems. They also told the details of my meetings with different people lately.

They said that it is not necessary for them to go or report somewhere. The issue should remain between us. They slammed the door. I heard that there were at least two.”

“Then I thought for some time followed me. These people knew my address, my mother’s in Russia, my contacts and what I do. I came to the conclusion that they collected information about me. They also knew that that night I’ll be home alone.

I don’t know who’s behind this. I reported this to the authorities. I didn’t have any evidence, so it was a professional job. I did not record the conversation on tape. They probably wore gloves. Threats were not direct, they are only given to understand that me and my family here and in Russia problems can occur.

By the time I for two years was engaged in the issues of integration of Russian-speaking population in Finland. I was not involved in politics. This may mean that we are not talking about exerting pressure by official authorities of Russia. Maybe it was revenge on a previous employer. Maybe some local politician has an interest in influencing the Russian-speaking. If some political forces tried to deal with me, they probably would have invited me to the restaurant and we were given to understand that you should not continue my activities.”

“It annoys me that hysteria in relation to dual citizenship, which discuss this issue. Each state that considers itself a superpower, is trying to exert influence beyond its borders. We must learn to recognize that the way it is. We need to think about how to protect yourself from this, instead of pondering on whether to punish people with dual citizenship. I have dual citizenship. Russia, I, like most other people with dual citizenship who do not benefit. For Russia, the important objects are the Finnish politicians and representatives of business circles.”

Attempt to recruit in trade with Russia

Long worked in the field of business technology veteran trade with Russia, talks about the attempted recruitment in the late 1980s.

“I studied at the higher technical school in the Soviet Union. One of my buddies after graduation, wanted to know what I’m doing in a large Finnish company in the field of technology. He asked me to send him information. I acted wisely and sent him only avenues translated into Russian language, and a list of what we sell. There is, of course, there were no secrets.

I often went on business trips. My buddy lived a thousand kilometers from Moscow, but surprisingly often wandered out at the same time in business trip in Moscow. We went to a restaurant to have dinner, and if I came to the exhibition, he was also there with me.”

“One day in Moscow hosted a major exhibition of business technologies. As usual, supposedly by accident, my buddy came to Moscow on business. He worked in one technological institution, subordinated to the Ministry. One of the visitors was presented by the Deputy Minister. It was, however, it seems that he knows absolutely nothing about technology, and it was impossible to speak neither about the product nor about the technology.

The Deputy Minister wanted to meet with me. One would expect that the meeting had to be prepared in advance, or that he would like to meet more serious people. I at that time was only an engineer for export.

After that meeting my buddy got down to business, inviting me to make money from industrial espionage. He guaranteed that no Soviet officer would never stop me to check at the border. If I send information for money. I was shocked. I thought he was a good and trusted friend.”

“I was very insulted and refused the offer. Our acquaintance was over, and I never wanted to have with it any Affairs.

In Finland every organization engaged in technology, has a contact person in the official bodies. I reported that it has taken such attempt. No action from the authorities this was not followed”.

“I think about dual citizenship is made quite reasonable suggestions. Dual citizenship is only one question in a very long list. Persons with dual citizenship, as, indeed, and others, can create certain risks associated with information security. The businessman can fall for even bigger hook, if leads an immoral life or is living beyond its means during the travel. From the point of view of another state is a very good opportunity to exert pressure. It is important that people who are in this situation, he knew where to go and decided to do it. Every organization and firm should explain how to handle this situation.”

Contact officials

Rarely anyone of Finnish citizens or people with dual citizenship had the opportunity to experience something like that.

What to do if you become the object of exerting pressure?

The response came by email from the security Police, laconic:

“It is important to immediately contact officials”.

The same is the opinion of a specialist on security issues, Sunaari Jens (Jens Säynäjärvi).

“Contact with a foreign state, or any attempt at conversation may seem unpleasant or threatening, even if their aim is not a threat. In Finland we have only one specialist who can help in this matter — the security Police. You can, of course, contact and the local police,” − said the head of the firm Säynäjärvi it dealing with issues of cybersecurity.

Journalist Alina Gusatinsky (Eilina Gusatinsky) believes that the pressure on Russian-speaking Finns is rare. The above cases are rare.

“It was not forced to cooperate. The main goal was to prevent the establishment in Finland of a serious body-language, which could facilitate integration and to separate the Russian-speaking Finns from the Kremlin,” says Gusatinsky.

Which means the requirement of loyalty to Russia?

The security police have long expressed concern about the independence of people with dual citizenship. In September, she made the following statement to the parliamentary Commission.

“From the point of view of counter-intelligence activities, the question of dual citizenship is important. For example, all citizens of Russia, regardless of whether they have double citizenship are obliged under Russian law to assist the security services of Russia”.

This, however, does not mean that citizens of Russia should pass all information, on demand security services.

“In accordance with Article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation can refuse to testify against themselves or their neighbors. Or to remain silent until the arrival of the lawyer”, − said the lawyer Anna Fomina from the movement “Team 29”.

Fomin explains that the citizen of Russia, residing abroad, may be compelled to pay taxes or child support at home, and can also be charged with treason or espionage.

In accordance with the new law, a Russian citizen can be charged with committing a crime, if he has not informed the authorities about known or planned crime. This applies, for example, a situation when a citizen has information about a person that is part of the banned terrorist organization, but not reported to the police.

On the first precedent became known on 6 January. The inhabitant of Astrakhan was fined 70 thousand rubles.