Swine came in 11 regions of Ukraine

Quarantine due to outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) operates in 20 settlements on the territory of 11 regions of Ukraine.

So, the quarantine is introduced in the settlements of the Odessa (3), Nicholas (2), Kyiv (2), Khmelnytskyi (2), Cherkasy (2), Poltava (3), Zhytomyr (1), Kirovograd (2), Transcarpathian (1), Luhansk (1) and Kharkov (1) regions.

In the settlements restricted the import and export of agricultural products trade market.

Recall that the region of possible outbreaks of African swine fever covers the southern and Central Ukraine. Just since 2012 on the territory of Ukraine was recorded 153 cases of infection of animals of the African plague of pigs.

Belarus in late November, has banned pork from Ukraine. The import ban also applies to meat of wild boars, hunting trophies obtained from the susceptible to ASF animals, feeds and feed additives for animals of vegetable and animal origin, the equipment used to transport pigs and raw materials (products) of animal origin, contents, slaughter and cutting of pigs, and food for cats and dogs that have not undergone heat treatment.