F-16 former use for Poland

The Ministry of defence of Poland reflects on the acquisition of 96 used F-16 fighters. Their redesign would have to happen in Poland. If this plan is implemented, Poland will be in the forefront of military-air forces of NATO countries. Will also change the balance of power toward Russia, one of the main points of the military doctrine of which is air superiority.

“We analyzed whether beneficial from economic and operational points of view, the purchase of used F-16 aircraft, — noted the Deputy Minister of defence of Poland Bartosz Konwicki responsible for purchasing vehicles for the army. At the same time, the official said, on the way to this goal there are difficulties. I am sure we need new combat aircraft. The acquisition of the F-35 (much more powerful than the F-16 and much more expensive — approx. ed.) at this stage, when there are already such opportunities of industrial cooperation, as, for example, five years ago, is not economically justified.”

In variant high, it is even about six escadrila, 96 fighters. The aircraft must be purchased with surplus military equipment in the US army. Bought the F-16 would pass the modernization of the Military aircraft factory in Bydgoszcz.

At the same time, according to Kovacova, on the way to this goal “there are difficulties”. USA sell planes in older versions “A” and “b”. Aircraft the Americans sold to Taiwan, to meet the defence needs a key US ally in the Pacific region, but not to irritate China. New aircraft — type “C” and “D”. The question is whether the design from 80 years to upgrade so that they meet modern standards.

Currently in service with the Polish army is 48 F-16 type “C” and “D”, 32 old MiG-29 and a bit less than the older su-22, which are soon to be withdrawn from the air force.

It is difficult at the moment to say how much it would cost the contract. However, we can assume that one fighter Poland will pay about 100 million zlotys (about $ 25 million).