How does the calorie content of foods when cooking: four options cooking

The question of how to prepare food so that they maximally preserve the useful properties relevant to all who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Besides the beneficial properties, the products in the preparation of changing the number of calories. How exactly to understand “Home”.


This method of cooking usually reduces the calorie content of the product. In particular, when cooking meat part of fat which it contains, goes into the broth and it becomes less fat, and thus its energy value is reduced (on average by 10-20 %).

In this part of the sugars of the vegetables can also go in the water, which will reduce their calorific value by 5%. In that case, if you cook the soup, drain the first broth, so you reduce the calorie content of ready meals due to the removal of excess saturated fats.

Cereals, pasta, despite its high calorie raw, when cooking strong increase in volume, thereby decreasing their calorie content – an average of three times.

But heat treatment of starchy vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets), including cooking, on the contrary increases their energy value by an average of 30 %. This is due to the fact that when heated, the starch in them changes its modification. And instead of food for beneficial bacteria, provides us with additional calories. That is why it is recommended that a little think after cooking such vegetables should not collapse.


Will the calorie content in this case or not, depends on you cook with oil or without. When frying in oil it is important to remember that the caloric value of meat should be added 20% of the caloric content of oil. If you consider that 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil 130 kcal, energy value of ready meals will increase by 26 kcal.

In this case things are different with products that can absorb up to 50% used oil. These include most vegetables and mushrooms. In this case, the calorie content of vegetables is added 50% of the caloric content of the used oil.

Another thing, cooking on the grill. In this case of meat, for example, vytaplivaete fats, partially decomposed proteins and carbohydrates. All this can reduce calorie ready meals by 5-15%. So, this type of heat treatment can be considered quite a diet.


Technology is not too different from boiling, unless you add in a dish of oil. In this case its calorie content increase. Again, if you are not too lean meat, of the fat goes into the gravy. That is why, the calorie content of steamed foods is practically no different from the energy value of crude.


This is probably the most dietary way of cooking. Caloric content of food which in this case is reduced slightly by 3-5 %, but their useful properties (proteins, minerals, vitamins and minerals) are retained almost in full.