How to select the perfect tariff plan for your mobile phone

Notice that many wear on a few phones? And this often affected even those whom the employer made happy unlimited corporate communications — because relatives and friends have for you to phone without any extra costs. Because of this, very often it turns out that we are paying for more than they could. Help Tom and operators, who from time to time on its own initiative transferred us to the new tariff plans (informing, etc), not really describing what the conditions of the new tariff.

I recently had to interview with this “reserve” the numbers (working in the area where I was, just didn’t take). Imagine my surprise when only “flooded” at the expense of 50 UAH had disappeared before the end of the conversation! It turns out that I have in this room have been hanging rate with expensive calls to numbers of other operators, but with very favorable terms for Internet, in which I was almost not released. Our people often do not really know what cost and for what means their data plan.

To understand how to choose the fare, helped us press Secretary Vodafone Ukraine Viktoriya Pavlovskaya Manager, tariffs mass market, “Kyivstar” Paul Chicco, Director of corporate communications “Ukrtelecom” Mikhail Shuranov, and employees a press-services of Lifecell.


Rate determination start with exploring the “Tariffs” section of the site operator. “Very often there comes the most difficult moment — asterisk, footnotes, hidden conditions, imposed services that connect automatically”, says Viktoria Pavlovska. Mikhail Shuranov in the study of the rates advised to pay attention to the following: which ones are activated for the subscriber by the expiration of the tariff plan — for example, when the threshold is exceeded, the consumption or expiry. You should also look whether there are hidden fees for services that must be further waived, and is there enough included in the conditions of tariff plan data usage/mobile Internet. Also, look on the operator’s site office self-service where you can order a service and to check the use of funds.

DAY. Mobile operators almost refused to pay “consumed” — the new tariff plans envisage the polls the subscription fee. But in the new tariff plans, in practice it is often possible to do without a monthly subscription fee. Read our full terms and conditions of the product: there may be a description of what happens when not paid the monthly fee. For example, in this case, can be day packages. Naturally, the fee per day is higher (half to two times) than the monthly payment.

EXTRA. Clearly, we should avoid packages with unnecessary features. In addition, the old user may accumulate a number of additional services about which they have not asked the operator. Figure out what includes your plan and what you take money through your personal account. There you can disable unnecessary options, switch to another tariff. If you Internet feel not too confident, the same thing in a few minutes you can do in the company store operator.


If we want to get everything one wants at the best price, without paying for what we don’t need, you should clearly define your needs. Viktoriya Pavlovskaya offers to answer three simple questions: is what I enjoy, what I would like to use, but currently limited in scope, funds, etc. and how much will be enough for me? In fact we are talking about constructing the so-called consumption profile.

MONITORING. If the first question we will reply without thinking, the feelings, then most likely, the answer is quite far from the real situation. You can spend the time to think of (and write down) where and how much you called last week, many sat on the Internet, on what resources and so on. But it is better to use a special service of your operator, which is called – “details of charges” or “call detail records”. And at the end of the month to e-mail you will receive a full report on how you used your phone. In addition, to obtain such information, there are applications that can be downloaded to your smartphone. On the basis of these data you will be able to build the structure of the real use of the number — how much you make calls, where much time talking about how many sit on the network, etc. This is your consumption profile.

PROSPECT. However, it is not necessary to restrict what is at the moment. Look around and ask, what you still untapped possibilities are offered in the vast of same Internet? Explore what might be useful to you.

VOLUMES. Estimate the volume of services consumed, taking into account possible prospects. And with the number and duration of calls, and how many you plan to send SMS with the intensity of Internet use. “If you use, for example, only social networks, check email, have updated the app, then package in 2 GB will be enough. If a subscriber watches a video online, listening to music, playing games, etc., he should pay attention to the package 5 GB or even 10 GB — that, by and large, close to unlimited”, — advise in a press-service of Lifecell. Write it all down. Now you need a product that is closest to the requirements you described.