Woman amputated both legs and an arm after a mosquito bite

Resident of the German city of Cologne amputated both legs and left arm after she was bitten by a mosquito, according to the newspaper Koelner Express.

According to the newspaper, 43-year-old woman in March, was taking out the trash when she was bitten by a mosquito. According to her, at first she had a lump, then she felt the aching joints, the dizziness started.


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The woman in the ambulance was taken to the hospital, but after examination she was sent home.

The woman’s condition continued to deteriorate, and the husband took her back to the hospital. There she went into a coma for a week, the limbs began to turn black. Doctors were forced to amputate the patient both legs and forearm.

Doctors suggest that the insect could get infected by the bite that led to blood poisoning.