Horoscope for February 12-18: Capricorn lucky with finances, and the Fish is entering a crucial phase at work

ARIES. The popularity rating in society at the height of the energy brims over, resist your charm impossible. Especially the opposite sex. But to rush headlong into the maelstrom of romantic adventure is impossible. You need a reliable and beloved friends (girlfriends), brothers in spirit, with whom you can relax, “make the revolution”, which will understand and will not condemn for the faults.

Now being corrected through the formation of a future friendly Foundation. His “blocks” — the person progressive, with a bright mind, with a twist of originality, whose spiritual beliefs are in tune with yours. Try to “sit in his sleigh” and don’t go with Pets-dummies.

To find work, help friends, solve business problems and friendship with the chief.

Have breeding pairs peak of happiness and blessed idyll.

TAURUS. Ascend career (business professional) Olympus and hoist the flag of victory real storm! Under the rolling stone gathers no moss. You are able to give you a head start as a generalist at my old job, and feel at ease, like a fish in water, every detail familiar.

Experiment, be creative originality, look for an unconventional approach in solving labour problems. The work carelessly does not take place. This is the way of recourse. Especially lucky for those whose profession is not the source of earnings, and is a natural calling.

If something does not like to look for a new job is meaningless. Just spoiled, not realizing that employers are very lucky. Rejoice, you blessed the cartridge, thanks to which will have the official privileges and material goods.

GEMINI. You possess great creative potential, unique, savvy, professional savvy, resourceful, and wise. It’s time this rich capital “convert” in a new philosophy of life. Old already not satisfied. Determines. After yesterday’s ideals and spiritual values has exhausted itself and no longer meet the trends of the time. Outlook requires urgent updates. Unite with religious people, educated, creative, having high spiritual culture. There is a grain of truth. Your task is to learn and to reach higher stage of development.

The welfare of the family, the fortress of the bonds of marriage remain in the foreground, and career aspirations — at last. Here taken away by fate something attached, but already tested — don’t feel bad.

The main thing is not to stray from the path of creative vocations. Do old favorite thing (until 8 June), it is blessed.

Tips, advice for Aquarius — the most advanced and will be very useful.

CANCERS. Around chaotic stressful atmosphere. Don’t listen to Royal “I want”, it pushes to the top of self-affirmation, excites the material ambitions, and will ultimately lead to a dead end. Now you are extremely dependent on power, moral, financial resources is unpredictable and often extravagant desires of others. And who pays the Piper calls the tune. Demanding employers too tough, cracking down, for the slightest mistakes are punished. Submit, if you need the money.

This educational “polishing” of destiny on the labor front will benefit in the future. The time will come and remember with gratitude.

Love your profession — this is an inspiring Muse, chat with people in pursuit of mutually beneficial interests. You want someone to “cheat” to pull the blanket desires for themselves — still will not work, and will try to — will lose more.

Family hearth is blazing, bask and rejoice is the place of happiness.

LIONS. Be better, more perfect—that’s your problem. Overcome bad habits, to pacify the obsessive ambitions, strive for harmony in the partnership, giving the wheel Board the satellite. Implement your own ideas is destined through the narrowing. In marriage couples will open a second wind, feelings will seethe. The main thing — not to become dependent on your better half around.

You personality is strong, self-sufficient, is hot right now, everyone needs. But to twist a rope don’t let. The key to a peaceful Commonwealth — compromise, personal generosity. Although one should be a master’s flair and not to go on about the appetites of the partners, by overspending.

Renew and activate relationships with brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, children. They will make positive, will help to make up for missed opportunities. Random meetings with old friends does not happen. Something is not completed.

Unfortunately, in the romantic sphere starts strip (9 months) the temptations, illusions. Mobilise and strengthen a moral backbone, not to fall into the trap of the evil one.

VIRGO. The introduction of innovative technologies is the key to professional prestige and material gain. Enough to stagnate, develop new methods, grasp a variety of responsibilities, powers, keeping pace with scientific progress. And “hoisted” chef on a pedestal. If you are the boss, avoid authoritarianism, go to meet the demands of subordinates. The fraternal atmosphere in the service team are the key to high productivity.

If something is planned, will be able to realize through official authority, help of your colleagues and managers.

Return old unfulfilled desires will cause you to cheer up, to pull their socks up, in order not to miss a lucky chance for the arrangement of personal life.

LIBRA. The action by the rule of “divide and conquer” tempting, but alas, carries the negative. Strive for peace and harmony, your mission is to create harmony in the environment.

And here all means are good. Don’t spare your heart, money, time, you are connected to the ocean of Universal love and Creativity, create and broadcast to the world of high ideas, feelings, joy. Create people a holiday existence, charge the inspiration of all who are discouraged.

And work in the forest will not escape. If a utility strap strangles (or “pulls” the employer), leave it. The main thing — not to be attached to the inner plan to work. And then fate just the accents, you need it or not.

In marital sexual unions reigns idyll.

SCORPIONS. You are a fine soldier working the front, glow labor enthusiasm, and even ready to tighten for business office romance, which will positively affect the global professional plans.

However, the crucial axis runs through the family hearth. Here takes place an important event. Hospitably open the doors to friends, this is your fabulous “wand”, and together will move mountains!

In the marital fate of the children of a cardinal change. Now their wives and husbands come to the fore, give them the road. And certainly take heart. Then the family abode will be full of the spirit of the Kind will be strengthened.

ARCHERS. Monitor your speech, less talking off topic, because “the word gets out Sparrow and return of the ox”. You erudite know-it-all, have in their files memory huge reserves of information, compromising. But the glut of toxic. Filter the unnecessary, the result of the acquired knowledge will turn into a grain of Heavenly wisdom. And give expect the germs there, where it is necessary to realize their highest calling.

Now you are your own master on the eternal pedestal, the effect almost impossible, a very zealous respond to foreign pressure. But old friends that have passed fire, water and copper pipes, should be respected and kept. This good-luck charms.

CAPRICORNS. The devaluation of life values is a dynamic pace.

You associate with “Martin” where the accumulated evil in extreme situations, melted down into gold goodness. Where greed, cowardice, selfishness — the sworn enemies — transformirovalsya in generosity, heroism, and virtue.

What fell, then disappeared. Do not regret about loss is to pay karmic debts. Share all that rich, Finance luck. And anything from anyone not ask. Now good deeds paved the road to Paradise.

Formula of happiness—the right balance of “I told you —you me.” In this “bargaining” with the Queen of Reality your sober campaign multiplied by the inventiveness plus objective self-assessment, will yield rich fruits.

AQUARIANS. Now you are a bright Megastar on the social horizon pointing the way of the future — a crucial benchmark for others. Mission high (25 January), so no “outputlimit” that’t patronize, advice me, just react to proposals.

Coordinate, pick the best options for solving problems. And remember about personal responsibility. Now you have the answer for everything!

If a partnership (business, marriage) gave a crack, so at this level they have been exhausted. Try to resume them in the new environment. Taking into account mutual interests.

FISH. Do you open a gift of clairvoyance, which is nothing to hide. See everything clearly —sinful and righteous, someone else’s inside at a glance. Based on this, you will need to act behind the scenes in an unusual way, sometimes shocking others.

Without the need not put out, sit in the trenches, albeit on the front line fighting others. Except that at the right time “placing cartridges”.

In the service of the turning point. If the loads decrease, the authority will limit, will change the employer —it’s a good sign all is not to earn money, and you should take care of your health! It is the work, giving creative pleasure will bring long-awaited psychological comfort.

If you ask for something, do not deny, if possible let’s share with those in need.