The Ukrainian diplomat gave an Outlook on the extension of U.S. sanctions against Russia

The American side may declare a person “non grata” several Russian diplomats. Such an opinion Ukrainian Ambassador to Finland Andriy Olefirov expressed on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Let’s just say, I can only guess, don’t want to speculate, but to me it is obvious that the American side there are obvious evidence that some individuals were engaged in activities that are incompatible with the activities of the diplomat. So, I think it is possible to wait for other persons who may be declared persona “non grata” and subsequent sanctions,” said Olefir.

According to him, the procedure Ambassador of the country, diplomats are sent which may not explain the reasons for the expulsion.

He also noted that perhaps the American side did the Russians a favor by setting a deadline in which diplomats must leave the U.S. within 72 hours.

“Citing diplomatic practice, when set to 72 hours, in fact the country could be declared persona “non grata” and demand the abandonment of the country within 24 hours. Obviously, even here, the American side has shown a certain “good will”, – the Ambassador added.

Recall, USA 35 expelled Russian diplomats and impose new sanctions due to cyber attacks. Influential senators McCain and Graham demanded more severe sanctions against Russia. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has proposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to deport 35 American diplomats, however, Putin chose not to expel the us diplomats.