Russia undermines the coalition against North Korea

Russia strengthens economic cooperation with the DPRK. It became known that in may, the North Korean ferry “Manganon”, which are prohibited from entering Japanese ports will begin to make regular flights to Russia. It will connect Vladivostok free economic zone Rason. It is assumed that in a month will make six flights.

International community increases pressure on North Korea, which continues to pursue nuclear and missile development. Russia’s actions are at odds with this. We cannot close our eyes to the fact that Russia is undermining the sanctions against the DPRK.

On the ferry “Manganon” Russia will export seafood, as well as spare parts for agricultural machinery and equipment for mining industry. Moreover, in March the two countries signed an agreement under which the ferry will be transporting North Korean workers in the Russian far East.

Previously, “Manganon” cruised between Korea and Japan. Since the DPRK launched a rocket, in 2006, the government of Japan has imposed its own sanctions against North Korea, banning the ferry to enter Japanese ports.

It is a shameless action: if not in Japan, then it will be replaced by Russia, thus becoming our trading partner.

“Manganon” was also used to transport North Korean students for training in Japan and DPRK nationals living in Japan. In addition, the ferry was engaged in clandestine activities: there were given instructions to spies in Japan, was carried out illegal financial transactions, smuggling.

A regular flight between Russia and South Korea will provide North Korea currency. Also, can there be any guarantee that “Manganon” will not ship prohibited products, including parts for missiles?

In this case, a loophole in the sanctions network, established by the international community. In numerous resolutions of the UN Security Council will not make any sense.

“Manganon” for the first time will go to the port of Vladivostok may 9. On this day festive events dedicated to victory in world war II. Increased support of the DPRK weakens the effectiveness of sanctions of the UN security Council, and also introduces a split in the international community.

Russia recently vetoed a UN security Council resolution, which contained a requirement to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria. She also protested against the statements, which contained harsh criticism of the fact that North Korea continues to launch ballistic missiles.

We cannot allow Russia covers the countries that have weapons of mass destruction, and developed them economically beneficial cooperation. How Japan should relate to such actions of Russia?

The direction in which Russia is completely different from the rate in Japan, USA and South Korea, who are taking action against the growing threats in East Asia. Japan and the United States must coordinate their actions.