Vacancy dreams: in Russia looking for a test of the sofa

10 Feb furniture company MZ5 Group posted vacancy “test couches” on HeadHunter website. As stated in the announcement, the company opened this position because “experiencing sofas not only in laboratories but also in real life.”

Applicants promise to provide a sofa for work that would be done at home. As options for the “tests” proposed to carry out on the couch at least 10 hours a day in a different position, to fold and unfold it, and watch TV. In addition, sometimes the applicant will need “execute creative tasks from the employer”.

It is noted that sometimes have to work, so as a company it is important to know about the usability of the sofas in the home.

In conversation with TJ MZ5 Group representatives have confirmed the authenticity of the job and explained what exactly is meant by “creative jobs from employer”.

“The position we have open. All the requirements are real. The ad was already sent about 500 responses. Creative tasks — these are the conditions that bring test of the sofa to real life to gather in a friendly house party with lots of guests that need somewhere to place, to lie all day on the couch, as if hurt,” – said the representative of the MZ5 Group.

From applicants require a higher education (preferably technical), patience, perseverance. The advantage is the tendency to sedentary lifestyle and stress. In addition, you must have at least 1 friend and love to relax on the couch. A separate line emphasizes that summary you need to put your photo on the couch.

On the question of why such work should have higher education, MZ5 Group responded that this requirement is “fairly standard”. According to the company, without higher education, the employee will not be able to complete the reports and to properly formulate their thoughts.

The sofa will provide the employee free of charge, and the “test” issue in the state MZ5 Group within the United States for three months. The size of the promised salary is 73 per thousand (34 thousand UAH. – Ed.) per month excluding bonuses. Sofa after testing it will be possible to keep.