In relations with Putin trump repeats the mistakes of their predecessors – Bloomberg

The winner on elections of the President of the United States Donald trump is right when he thinks that he has a big opportunity to improve relations with Russia. During the administration of Barack Obama, they have sunk to the point where Moscow is interfering in the American elections, and the Russian fighters constantly organize provocations against the US ships. Now most Americans dislike Russians for the last 30 years. Trump has the ability to change this, by signing an agreement that would oblige Russia to end the cyberwar, to cooperate in the fight against “Islamic state” and end the deployment of nuclear missiles of average range, which threaten Europe, writes Bloomberg.

“Using business terminology, the agreement will achieve the objectives listed above in exchange for the lifting of sanctions and other restrictions would be a win-win for both sides,” the article says.

But, according to the newspaper, such a deal is impossible with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump may praise him now, but having started work at the White house, he will understand that the Russian leader doesn’t see the world the same as he.

A former official of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Sergey Aleksashenko notes that the Russian President is not one who is ready to conclude agreements beneficial to all. He wants one of the parties lost. “Putin – a supporter of the mentality of zero-sum game,” said Aleksashenko, adding that dealing with the Russian President can only be a show of force. But trump is demonstrating his iron will began to appease him. Recently, when Obama imposed new sanctions against Russia, the future American President again praised Putin for “smart” refused to answer.

Trump is not the first American leader who thinks he can improve relations with Moscow. George Bush also said “feel the soul” of Putin and realized that it is possible to do things, but very quickly changed his mind.

The Obama administration tried to hold the “reset” of relations with the Kremlin, but in vain. The attempt finally failed when Dmitry Medvedev ceded the presidency of Russia to Vladimir Putin. Two years after that Russia invaded Ukrainian Crimea and invaded Eastern Ukraine. She sent missiles to Kaliningrad and staged a bloodbath in Syria to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad. “Trump in the oval office will realize that in diplomacy, unlike business, there is no higher authority for resolving disputes and enforcing agreements”, – stated in the article.

The beginning of a new Cold war is not in the interests of neither Russia nor the United States. And not only because it is too expensive will cost, but also because of the risk of very quickly turn into a hot conflict. But this war between nuclear powers could quickly end up losing all. Sometimes comparing Putin grosmeisters who plays a long and thoughtful game. If this were true, it would mean that Putin’s actions are coherent and balanced. But in fact, the Russian President doesn’t play chess. He is a judoka, and so relies on tactics and not on strategy. So forward-thinking is not his method. Judoist Putin understands that his position is weak. Its economy is too dependent on oil sales, and the population is shrinking. But in judo the little soldier can overthrow a large, knocking him off balance. And that is what the Russian President does, trying to destabilize the West by propaganda, cyber-attacks, hybrid military operations and a reminder on nuclear power. “It is unlikely that he will stop all this because quiet and peaceful Russia would not stand out on the world stage,” writes Bloomberg.

Leaders in Europe have already got used that the Russian President is lying to them almost daily. The question remains, what trump will do when they realize that Putin lied to him about something very important. It is possible that he will react very emotionally when he learns that his faith in the Russian President was deceived and used. And it is fraught with several risks.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Congress has threatened to Trump “decisive measures” if attempts to lift the sanctions against Russia. A publication of the National Interest suggested that in the case of a full-scale offensive against Russia in Ukraine Trump may have to choose between friendship with Putin and the image of a strong leader.

Meanwhile, Republican John McCain has called “unacceptable” intentions trump to get closer to Russia. He reminded that Putin is a former KGB agent, who can not be trusted. And the latest attempt to reset relations with Russia ended with the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine and Syria.

As you know, trump staged a large-scale “cleansing” of the diplomatic corps.