Horoscope for March 12-18: Taureans can be captured secret passion, and Crayfish waiting for the peak of dissatisfaction 17-18 March

ARIES. Take cover and not rush things. You are on the verge of a progressive spiritual transformation. But to open the door, place the order in the inner temple, get there sinful stuff. The desire to escape from reality, to be alone with him quite normal. Now will sum up the results over the past 8-10 years. To rethink, to break free from the burden of dependency, to make amends to those who were offended. Let your conscience be your arbitrator, and the nobility of the inner impulses to make the world a better, more perfect — not dried.

At work be the Executive, demonstrating a real piece of work. Negativity in the relationship with the boss increases, the peak on 17-18 March, where he will reveal all the secret.

Now you always assigned the role of “scapegoat”, not climb on the rampage, and show humility, not to harm the future.

TAURUS. The energy is high, you popular, but unfortunately, everything that have planned, will go with slip. If captured secret passion — love. Here you karmic debtor to elect, so until April 15, you should “pay” by Shrouding loved with care and attention.

The decision of the family, household, housing problems, education of children goes to the secret phase, requiring self-sacrifice. Shakespeares, more haste, less speed.

In the service of responsible work, doing old business. Here you are the master on all hands, the boss does not appreciate, which consequently will affect the salary.

The debt does not take money can become a bone of contention with friends. Better to tighten their belts, not to show off.

GEMINI. Recent developments in the professional field fateful, sum up for 8-10 years. Here you have reached perfection as a specialist, realized as a creative person. Slow down. Now the main thing — to become a guardian in the house, to arrange a personal life, harmonisieren relationships with marriage partners which is extremely difficult. Satellites for stubborn Narovlia are at the point of temptation.

Attach a maximum of efforts that the flower of conjugal bliss fragrant romantic aroma. It is in your power “blind” from dear friend and lover.

And will certainly renew old friendships (especially with women) until April 15. There’s something not finalized.

CANCERS. Modernization of the old world is in full swing. You become wiser, spiritually matured, “formatted” philosophy of life. What you have obsolete, no longer worried about, and a thing of the past. In the first place is professional. The feeling does not change, there’s going to be a new starting point, focus for career breakthrough.

And in the meantime work hard and not narucite if the work is a burden. The peak of dissatisfaction 17-18 March, not to commit follies, and who pull the drudgery of office tasks and responsibilities.

A fertile source of recharge under native roof.

LIONS. You all need! Strengthen partnerships with love, kindness, mercy. Satisfy the insatiable desires halves, providing material signs of attention to remain on the pedestal of the ideal. Earn money, business starts active runway.

In the sphere of love is bad, but this time, do not despair, and mutually propagates, to diversity of intimate comfort.

And since all the best is seen from afar, it makes sense to plan a distant trip, a business trip. Away from home you will be much more appreciated and respected.

VIRGO. On the horizon looms the long-awaited love Everest. This is not a Mirage, to be loved and cherished is quite possible, if to restore the relationship. Demonstrate sensitivity, tolerance, then you will be able to lay a strong Foundation for business, marital relationships, realize social aspirations. Independent swimming is prohibited. Only in a group (pair). Lucky here, taking advantage of the group resource.

Implementation of others will depend on personal action, please — give, not poorer, this applies to all resources (heart, material, physical, mental).

At home uncomfortable, but if the circumstances are “chained” to this matter.

LIBRA. The broad scope of work, where to work conscientiously, maintaining a warm micro-climate in the team, quickly mastering new technology, creative ideas. The guide waits for you to productive results, where to study on the go, none of your business (due to lack of knowledge), developing psychological qualities. Every minute counts, because it laid the basis of cooperation for the next year.

Strengthen the marriage bond with love and harmony, be with the missus as a needle and thread. Now they are hard spiritually cleansing phase.

SCORPIONS. If the profession, business inspires — that’s fine. Then the realization of professional ambitions shouldn’t be a problem. Create, fall in love, life is a game where you will have the role of actor and Director to show phenomenal talents and to bring happiness to others. In addition to himself. Let you have become accustomed to asceticism. Then health will improve, pain will disappear.

The main thing — not to ignore the problem of leadership, to take on additional loads authority. Is the key to a promising movement on the path of life. Happily harnessed in the service of the who!

ARCHERS. Things in order at home hearth and home, patch holes in psychic aura of family that is difficult. In fact, the household is hard to withstand the pressure of your pride, disguised as a fair principle. Where all the troubles, dissatisfaction in personal life continues (crest March 17-18).

Men will renew an old love affair (15 April).

But not everything is so dramatic. Grandiose creative boom and prizes from destiny for a great job.

CAPRICORNS. Life is a school that teaches in a variety of situations, experience, enlightens the mind, requiring me to keep my brain in high intellectual tone. You intuitively at the right time connect to information sources, draw the necessary knowledge that promotes spiritual evolution.

Not hiding, upgrade circle of friends and enjoy life. This fateful mission. At home that’s a pleasant start of the event. They should be prepared.

AQUARIANS. Define business proposals and priorities in life. What you need for complete happiness and self-actualization to develop your personality?

First of all, to harmonize the desires and possibilities. Partake of the marriage of satellites, unite with business allies. Their enthusiasm is the best assistant for the implementation of plans and material enrichment. But not everything is so smooth. Get ready to the obstacle. Patronage of friends also do not count.

Today should be a professional “savvy” to keep your finger on the information pulse, keeping pace with progress.

Activate relationship with old friends, ponostalgirovat, excursion to the past are essential. The territory office is the most fertile.

FISH. If you rush to the front, want it all to successfully present yourself will fail, disgraced. Modesty is the best decoration.

Positive reputation should be earned. But there’s a streak of bad luck. Each reaps its own karmic fruits.

Avoid collisions with the authorities, for it is you, like a red rag to a bull.

Transformation at the domestic level finishes. The result: someone left with nothing because of malfeasance (or hated work, Vysocanska priceless power), and someone who celebrates the victory of the spirit in the temple a crystal clear conscience.