In the hometown of Hitler looking for his “Ghost” roaming the streets

Police are hunting a man which in the likeness of Adolf Hitler walks down the Austrian Braunau-am-Inn, hometown of the German dictator.
As reports RT with reference to the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, the local people have several times seen the young man in the costume of the days of Hitler, with a characteristic moustache and hair.

It is noted that it had been seen photographed against the background of the house, the birthplace of the dictator, as well as viewing the logs of the Second world war in a bookstore.

Austrian law enforcers do not exclude that dressed as Hitler young man will be punished for the glorification of the personality of the dictator in the eyes of others.

Earlier it was reported that human rights activists have expressed outrage Valentines with Hitler, which spread in one of the colleges of Michigan.