Scientists have developed a blood test for schizophrenia

Researchers in the US have developed a way to diagnose schizophrenia by blood. A report on the work can be found in the journal Analytical Chemistry.

Scientists propose for the diagnosis of schizophrenia to pay attention to oxidative stress – cell damage as a result of oxidation.

In their opinion, this mechanism is closely associated with many diseases, including schizophrenia and other mental disorders. The new approach was tested on a cohort consisting of patients with schizophrenia and healthy people.

As a result, the researchers were able to correctly separate the blood samples of sick people from healthy samples. For detection of oxidative stress were used salts of iridium and evaluating food products.

The researchers hope that their technique will be applied to diagnose schizophrenia early as it is possible to identify the disease, the more successfully it is treated. Now the diagnosis is sometimes stretched for a year.

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