Anna Panova told about family rituals with my husband: “I never cease to thank him”

Anna Panova told about family rituals with my husband: “I never cease to thank him”

Daughter is a United Anna and her husband

Darina Alekseeva

Yesterday, 18:13

Today, 15 may, international family day, famous newscaster of “Today” on the channel “Ukraine” Anna Panova told what rituals to help her and her husband to live in harmony and for that she was infinitely grateful.

Anna Panova sure to build a happy family relationship is impossible without mutual desire and daily effort. And to create harmony in the family leading help of certain rituals.

Anna Panova told about the rituals of family life Photo: press-service

“Happiness in the family – the result of a certain work. Of happy work, but necessary. To live harmoniously with my husband and help simple rituals: be sure to kiss when meeting and parting, breaking up, even if just for an hour; not to go to sleep after a quarrel or “Huff” at each other; to dream together about the future, to set common goals,” – said Anna Panova.

Presenter confessed that the appearance of his daughter Milana in the family strenghtens their relationship with her husband and added new bright colors.

“Now our family’s new happiness and a new challenge: we have a daughter. They say that children are a litmus test for relationships, which reveals their weaknesses. But until I see something else: the baby has United us. We share equally the care of the daughter, and some tasks, Sasha took over: buying everything required for Milana plays with it, takes the night to another room so I could sleep. Such concern on the part of the husband increases my love for him. And I do not get tired to thank him for the help and support. Gratitude is another key to a happy relationship” – shared the star’s mother , Anna Panova.

In early April, TV presenter Anna Panova was discharged with her daughter from the hospital in conditions of quarantine.