Mogherini was not sure whether to keep US in unity on the issue of sanctions against Russia

The high representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini stated that the EU will preserve unity in the policy of maintaining sanctions against the Russian Federation before the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, but I’m not sure that the US will adhere to this unity.

She said this during a speech in Washington in non-governmental organization the Atlantic Council.

Mogherini talked about already held meetings in Washington with influential senators and members of the new administration, including Secretary of the U.S. Department of State’s Rex Tillerson.

“My meetings were positive and, in particular, we agreed that the sanctions will remain in force until such time as the Minsk agreement be fully implemented, but I don’t know, it will be consolidated policy”, – said Mogherini, hinting that “she was not in the oval office when President trump called President Putin”.

She noted that for the European Union the case of the implementation of the Minsk agreements is an important issue.

“I believe that this is an important issue not only for Europeans. I believe that Congress is also an important issue,” said Mogherini.

She also stated that, in her opinion, the EU will preserve unity in the issue of sanctions. “I don’t know whether Americans are United in this issue, but the Europeans will”, – said Mogherini.

At the same time, she said that EU sanctions serve as a tool to exert pressure and achieve results. “For us, the result is to maintain the sanctions. Result for us – to resolve the conflict in Ukraine”, – said Mogherini.

She also said that he discussed with Tillerson question about how the EU and the United States can best contribute to the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Mogherini said that the true goal is to achieve peace in Ukraine taking into account international law, which also applies to the Crimea.

As reported, on January 27 the President of the United States Donald trump said that talking about the fate of the sanctions imposed by the previous administration of Barack Obama against Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine, yet.

On 9 February, the White House said that the US is not going to lift the sanctions against the Russian Federation imposed due to the illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.

At the same time, a number of senators expressed concern that the administration trump may soften sanctions against Russia. Because of this in the Senate (the Upper chamber of Congress), six senators introduced a bill that would limit the President’s actions trump if he decides to lift sanctions against Russia.