What Georgia will do with schools FETÖ?

Between Turkey and Georgia, there are strong established relationships in connection with the agreement on the Baku — Ceyhan oil pipeline. To Georgia as one of three countries which, in the end, have affixed their signatures to this giant project, Turkey shows a marked favor.

But in accordance with the principle of reciprocity and common interests it is expected that the favor will be mutual. Because, ultimately, this pipeline wins, not only Turkey and all the sides.

The West’s interest in Georgia, which is located in the “hinterland” of Russia, is well known. So, last week, the EU again encouraged this country, by abolishing visas for its citizens.

However, after the treacherous coup attempts in Turkey July 15, 2016 as a problem in the eyes of Turkey in Georgia began to emerge as a terrorist organization FETÖ of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen). The news, which were published in the Turkish press, in the spirit of “Georgia became a nest FETÖ”, all evoked the question: what is happening? In the future, these messages are multiplied, and we suddenly learned that the country is home to 16 schools FETÖ, Association of entrepreneurs called GÜRSIAD, as well as University that is referred to as the “International black sea University”.

Since then, much time has passed, but no one has addressed this question. Asked whether Turkey to Georgia with some query? Unknown. Could have asked, but Georgia, saying: “anyway for me — the West and the EU,” like Greece, spat on Turkey?

In fact, if we talk about the current picture, you also leak information about what FETÖ not only transformed Georgia into the database, but carries out its activities among high-ranking politicians in the country and their families.

For example, the mother of former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili Giuli Alasania, Vice — rector International black sea University. It is the important accomplice Gulen in Georgia.

The rector of this University — a member of the FETÖ, Professor Ciloglu Ilyas (Ilyas Ciloğlu). Other important persons in the administration of the University is Professor Ustunler Ilyas (Ilyas Üstünyer), Professor Akbash Ramadan (Ramazan Akbaş), associate Professor Cihan MERT (Mert Cihan) and associate Professor Metin Mercan (Metin Mercan).

FETÖ school in Georgia opened ADEM Onal (Adem Önal), the head of the organization “Educational institutions Çağlar”, known as “Imam” FETÖ in Georgia. Speech in total goes about 16 schools and language centers in the cities of Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi and Marneuli.

This is the picture. What will Georgia do?

As far as we know, the school name Rafidia Shahin in Batumi on the basis of violations was denied the right to hold classes, and students of this school were distributed to other educational institutions. While earlier school named Nikoloz Tsereteli in Tbilisi did not renew the license, the term of which expired in early 2017.

Okay, but whether to continue this practice?

Georgia is very sensitive in this matter

I had a conversation with a prominent businessman affected by the actions of FETÖ, Galip Ozturk (Galip Öztürk), who is a citizen of Georgia.

Ozturk says that the Georgian government is very kind to the subject, and, without waiting for the request of Turkey, it has begun active work. After July 15, Ozturk was visited by two employees of the Georgian intelligence organizations. He told them about what happened to him, and shared information about activities FETÖ in Turkey and Georgia. According to Ozturk, at the moment, a comprehensive dossier on FETÖ is on the table, Prime Minister George Kvirikashvili, while the issue of the closure of all schools FETÖ. But, says Ozturk, this could take some time. In Georgia intend to act within the legal framework. Ozturk adds:

“In relations with Turkey, Georgia, not Greece. If Turkey would request in this direction, Georgia, 99% sure I’ll keep it. At the moment the country has only low standing in the hierarchy gulenist who fled from Turkey. Zekeriya Oz (Zekeriya Öz) and Celal Kara (Celal Kara) (Turkish prosecutors accused the support of the Gulen movement, who fled to Armenia via Georgia — approx. TRANS.) were here in transit for 13 hours. There is another group of exiles. But their, if you will require Georgia will be given. I know that will take steps in respect of schools and NGOs. For example, among the organizations that are going to close, international black sea University”.

Will closed schools transferred to our Foundation, “Maarif”, as in other countries?

Georgia allegedly prefers to completely close the school and redistribute students to other schools. Meanwhile, Ozturk opened his school in Batumi, which is now attended by 150 students. But so far only Turkish citizens. It is expected that next year will be able to recruit Georgian students.

So, expectations of Turkey associated with the early closure of Gulen schools.

But if things continue unabated, this process may be delayed. Need to find more radical solutions.

According to Galip Ozturk, the Georgian government is also having a fear that skilled people in these schools are located as agents at various levels of government.
Wait and see, but I think the wait is long.