Two years later, Ukraine may be left without trains – experts

Wear of electric trains of “Ukrzaliznytsya” has reached 86%. If the state does not purchase new and reforming of railway transportation, in a year or two the company will stop, experts say.

“The pace of ageing of the Park of electric and diesel trains are far ahead of the pace of its updates. Since 2009 not bought any electric trains for suburban communication”, – says head of the Department of suburban passenger transportation “Ukrzaliznytsia” Volodymyr Skoblenko.

According to him, the average age of trains reached 33.5 years, and the number of beneficiaries, which carry trains of 80%. By law to procure new trains should be at the expense of Railways and local budgets. For 26 years, cities have never received the money for the repair or renewal of electric trains. Between 2000 and 2016, the number of diesel trains was reduced to 44 units and 52 of the wagon. Because of this composition of the trains in the Ukraine decreased from 10 to eight or six, and sometimes four cars.

Ukrzaliznytsia also notes that electric trains in 2017 will continue to operate in their areas: “Cancel routes in 2017 is not planned, but there are cases of cancellation of suburban trains for a few days due to maintenance works,” the company says. After the exhaustion of the period of work train sent for overhaul. In 2017, the railway workers are planning a major overhaul of 10 electric trains.

“The wear and tear of structures under 90% is a lot. We are actually a year or two in order to change something, otherwise the question arises about the possibility of “Ukrzaliznytsi” to perform their basic functions in the transportation of passengers and cargo, “–said the Director of the Center for transport strategies Sergey Vovk.

According to the former Deputy Minister of infrastructure Alexander Kava, the new trains should be bought at the expense of the state budget, since the company does not have the money for it due to tariffs below cost. “In Ukraine there is no alternative but to start buying trains for the budget. The degree of wear is very large, you should probably upgrade this year, wait no time. In this year’s budget, this money is not included, but you can change it”, – he said.

Yet, to extend the operation of trains, the company, as before, will change the frequency of supervision, and to limit routes and reduce the number of cars in the trains.