How to start productive work from home: TOP 9 tips for freelancers and not only

With the development of digital technologies, in Ukraine, is gaining momentum a new form of work organization — the remote, when in-house (no freelancers) employees do not constantly go to the office and perform work at home using the Internet. But there is a perception that the house has a lot of distractions that hurt productivity.

How to increase your productivity, working from home, knows the founder of the service statistics WordStream Larry Kim, reports AIN.UA.

In his opinion, this format can improve the efficiency of the person.

Tidy workplace

It would be great to have a spacious office with large doors made of oak, which do not allow the noise of the outside world. Most people have no such workplace, but in any case their personal space you can design to good use.

Try not to stay in noisy areas of the house, and find a quiet area. Paint the walls in soothing colors (green is the best for productive work).

Make sure the room has a window, otherwise you will feel like in a cage. Put on the windowsill flowers to look at something soothing while working. Also keep all the tools needed for the job at hand.

Be distracted right

Sometimes you need to occupy yourself with something else. Read a book, play on your smartphone or musical instrument — simply select the appropriate lesson. Keep “distracting” things at hand to return to them during short breaks.

However, make sure that these things are out of sight — otherwise you will constantly be tempted.

Create a comfortable environment

It’s hard to be productive when you need to strain to see something on the screen or suffer back pain. Buy a good chair and make sure that you are sitting in the correct position. If you get tired of long sitting, try standing. Details such as the screen with anti-reflective coating, can significantly improve productivity.

Buy equipment for exercise

Put near the work place elastic bands, light weights or even a treadmill. Due to the short breaks with physical activity you will switch to another activity, and this is very important throughout the day.

Head and heart (as well as the back, shoulders, knees, and so on) will thank you for it.

Dispose of garbage frequently and thoroughly

People have a habit of keeping unnecessary things on your desktop. Set yourself a rule to remove unnecessary papers, books, cups and everything else that takes place, but does not help you in your work.

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Do not use free space as storage space for anything and teach everyone not to take your table unwanted things. You will not be able to work with a clear mind, if there will be useless stuff.

Take breaks for the eyes

It’s just a small detail, but you will be surprised how it helps. It is difficult to remember about these breaks, so do your best. Reduce eye strain by using the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes be distracted from the screen and look at something 20 meters away for 20 seconds.

Set goals

Make a list of things to accomplish each day and stick to it. Make sure that all necessary things are at hand. During performance of the task to erase them.

Be firm with people who disturb you

You probably know people who are constantly distracting you. If you interfere with a talkative neighbor, a friend who likes to “drop in for a minute” or mother-in-law, who is constantly asking about something, learn how to remind them about their work politely but firmly. Don’t answer the phone or the door, it’s really easy.

When will you show people that you are working and can’t be distracted, you don’t have to apologize for not able to meet their requests.

If you do not define your boundaries, no one will do it for you.

Wear “work” clothes

Working at home, shorts and t-shirt — a bad habit. The same as to postpone taking a shower. Force yourself to get together like go to the office. Otherwise you will be constantly distracted, then you will not have enough time to prepare for example, a video call or meeting. Besides “working” clothes will give you the appropriate mindset and you will be more productive.

Earlier it was reported that more and more Ukrainians began to work from the comfort of home.