Scientists have found the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome

From chronic fatigue syndrome suffers 2.6 percent of the total population. Many doctors consider it “fake” disease, but Australian researchers have demonstrated that it is associated with defective cellular receptors of immune cells.

It is noted that chronic fatigue syndrome was included in the International classification of diseases a few years ago, but clear diagnostic criteria for it was not.

About the new discovery reported in the journal Clinical Experimental Immunology.

Australian researchers found that people with chronic fatigue syndrome much more often have single-nucleotide polymorphisms – differences in single nucleotide in the DNA sequence in the genome between the homologous portions of the chromosomes, the cellular receptors TRPM3 present in all cells of the body.

The defect gives calcium ions to penetrate cells in the required amount, which disrupts the cells and organs – from the brain to the pancreas.

Thus, the opening allows to diagnose and treat chronic fatigue syndrome not psychology or psychotherapy, and in the sphere of disorders of the immune system. But while this is more hypothesis and further studies are needed.