After a fight in Parliament with their fists: Melnichuk said Leshchenko

The people’s Deputy from BPP Ivan Melnichuk commented on the clash with his colleague in the faction Serhiy Leshchenko and called him to answer for his words.

The MP accused the woman of lying, which, according to him, suffered for many.

“In our Parliament from the mouth of the MP who was offended and torn, sounded a cynical lie. He’s been doing this for several years, have all lied, from the President and ending the people’s deputies. He has published in Facebook a post that deputies from the BPP went to Bankova street, where he received instructions not to go to the meetings of the Committee on anti-corruption. I, as a member of this Committee, and other members of the group approached him and asked from anyone of us, he heard what published. What happened is what happened. He said he can write whatever I want and where I want, because this is the page in Facebook. Everyone in this life should answer for his words – even at the cost of broken mouth and black eyes, ” said Melnichuk, during a speech in the Parliament after the incident.

As reported, today at the morning plenary session of the Parliament clashed with Sergei Leshchenko and Ivan Melnychuk, which first lost the sleeves on the jacket.

Later in the Parliament Serhiy Leshchenko said, that he was attacked Melnychuk. According to him, the reason for the brawl was the post which he posted in Facebook about the attempts by several MPs to disrupt the meeting of the anti-corruption Committee.