How to give first aid for fainting

Syncope is a common phenomenon that can be dangerous to health and life of the victim. About how to give first aid for fainting and lead human feeling, writes

Causes of syncope

Cause of fainting – too much vasodilation, causing the brain loses oxygen. Swoon acts as a protective response of the body. The brain feels the lack of oxygen, which is detrimental for neurons, and then sends the command to the body to improve blood circulation. This contributes to a horizontal position, in which the heart is somewhat improved.

The main causes of syncope are:

– Nervous shock, fright or a sudden pain, causing the man falls sharply blood pressure;

– General weakness of the body, which is accompanied by nervous exhaustion. Constant unrest and poor nutrition can be a key factor in fainting;

– Prolonged exposure in a room with low oxygen content;

– Long stay in a standing position without movement.

The main symptoms of syncope – loss of consciousness, rare breathing, weak pulse, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision.

Fainting and loss of consciousness

Syncope is a transient loss of memory, in which there is a decrease in muscle tone and protective reflexes do not disappear. Thus, for fainting the person is not choking. With regard to the loss of consciousness, in this case, the relaxation of the muscles leads to the ceasing of the tongue that involves blockage of the airway.

In some cases, fainting do goes into loss of consciousness, which poses a serious danger to the victim. Often this is due to the strong blow to the head during a fall. In this case, for fainting, the victim may develop convulsions, which indicate the restoration of normal level of blood circulation in the brain.

How to give first aid for fainting

– If the victim has no problems breathing, lay the person on his back, slightly lift the legs. Make sure that the victim has free breathing and a pulse;

– Undo the entire compressing and constraining clothes, in particular, the belt and the collar.
Moisten the face of the victim with cold water, it helps to improve blood circulation in the brain;

– If during fainting the victim has been vomiting, put his head to one side, to eliminate the possibility of zahlebyvayas vomit;

– If after several minutes the victim is not awake, immediately call an ambulance;

– If possible – make victim drink hot tea and then help him to sit up and sit down. No need to rush to put him on his feet.