Trump in East Asia comes in the Wake of the Obama administration

Three days after the statements of James Mattis in Japan on the Diaoyu Islands, China launched a new regular patrol in the territorial waters of the archipelago, showing the world their strong will and commitment to the protection of territorial integrity and state sovereignty.

During his first trip to Asia as Pentagon General of the marine Corps, retired, stated that the joint defense Treaty, the United States and Japan applies to the Diaoyu Islands. The Ministry of foreign Affairs has subjected to criticism these statements and called them “erroneous”.

Washington has been using the Diaoyu Islands as a means to achieve its goals — in other words, uses Japan to pressure China in East Asia. This was particularly noticeable within the fanatically promoted by the Obama administration strategy of “Pivot to Asia”.

However, the falling credibility of the US in East Asia, as well as the growth of contradictions in the region, had clearly indicated to the new President to Donald Trump that the strategy of his predecessor, anybody does not Bode well.

Intervention in the Diaoyu Islands issue only provoke China, which has already made it clear that trading his main interests is not intended.

The Diaoyu island and adjacent islets are an integral part of China since ancient times. It is immutable historical fact. The Chinese government has repeatedly warned that territorial issues are the most important.

If there is a lesson, got to Trump the Obama administration in matters of relations with China, it is just that you should give up thinking “zero-sum game”, especially the Diaoyu Islands.

Otherwise, Washington risks turning the island into a “powder keg” that will complicate the problem and create instability in the region.

Business sense of trump must help him in understanding the simple fact, namely, that the rivalry between the partners is just good business. He and his administration should think twice about the Diaoyu Islands and to distance themselves from the approach of the previous administration.