Marie Krarup: the EU has set a terrible pillory

You saw examples of how Pro-Kremlin false information was in the international media? In this case, you can send email task force on strategic communication of the EU (East Stratcom Taskforce). The group has 11 employees.

This note may be published in the weekly edition of the Disinformation Review (Review of misinformation).

This message is published on the website Stratcom group invites the public to contribute to its work. Prior to Stratcom is tasked to counter Russian disinformation.

But when the body of the EU publishes lists of the media and the people who allegedly spread false information, this is in conflict with the right to freedom of speech.

So says a member of the Danish people’s party Marie Krarup (Krarup Marie), which, in spite of accusations that it operates on the instructions of Putin, began a fierce struggle with the Operational working group of the EU (East Stratcom).

During a meeting of Folketing on Wednesday on this matter, she again questioned the Minister for foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen.

“Shakes is the fact that the EU has established a body constituting the lists of people and media who publish “messages of the enemy.” Thus, it appears that the items mentioned in the lists of the people and the media are agents of the Kremlin and Putin — said Marie Krarup. — Do you think that a person can get a job at Ritzau, if it is listed in this list? Do you think that he can get a responsible post in the Ministry of defence or the Ministry of foreign Affairs? I don’t think. I think this man has no more chances”.

According to Marie Krarup, often similarly recorded “customary” — such as criticism of the EU and migration policy. So it is surprising that the entire parliamentary group of the Danish people’s party is still not included in such lists.

While the Operational working group, the EU has named only two Danes. One of them is a debater theologian IBAN Trenholm (Iben Thranholm). Other — Professor Helmuth Nyborg (Helmuth Nyborg).

“This is a shameful post, and punishable, there is no opportunity to appeal. This body is in no way affiliated with the democratic control,” said Marie Krarup. And he adds, referring to the Minister for foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen, which, moreover, is the leader of the party Liberal Alliance:

“It is terrible when a liberal — excuse me, former liberal supports this. International Convention usually do not cause enthusiasm among the Danish people’s party. But the Operational working group as a body of the EU must comply with the Convention on human rights,” says Marie Krarup.

She cited tenth article of the Convention, which reads as follows:

“Everyone has the right freely to Express their opinion. This right includes freedom to hold opinions and freedom to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.”

But Anders Samuelsen does not agree with the fact that Stratcom, publishing such lists violates freedom of speech people.

“I don’t think you can talk about the violation. A violation would be if the person was forbidden to write your articles or deprived of his freedom of speech. This is what is happening in Russia. But it’s not in the European Union”, says Anders Samuelsen.

His attitude to Prompt the EU working group on communications has not changed.

“The government believes that Stratcom has an important job, paying attention to the disinformation provided by the Russian leadership. Giving examples of such false information is, of course, part of this work,” says Anders Samuelsen.