Watch your diet: TOP 4 health problems caused by weight loss

In the pursuit of a slim waist and smaller sizes, you might not notice, as is good body you can inflict serious damage.

What is dangerous diet and what are the implications of the most popular diets, knows Lisa.

Choosing a diet, most focused on the opinion of a distressed friend, social networking, TV shows. But the diet – especially individual case. And many of them have serious consequences for the organism.

Diet lactose free

At first it was purely a medical diet that was prescribed with a lack of the enzyme, processing lactose – milk sugar. Then from dairy products began to decline and those who restrict the amount of sugar in the diet.

Lactose-free diet allows you to lose about 2 kg in a month if the energy value of the food will not exceed 1500 calories a day.

The consequences

If we abandon milk, cottage cheese and cheese, then there is a deficiency of calcium and threat of osteoporosis. Reserves of calcium to fill, adding to your menu broccoli and green salads.

A gluten-free diet

Gluten – a protein contained in wheat, rye, and barley. The labels “modified food starch”, “hydrolyzed vegetable protein”, “textured vegetable protein” is also meant to gluten. It has become fashionable to adhere to this diet to lose weight. But the effect, rather, is achieved due to the failure of the bread, pasta, fast food.

The consequences

Healthy people it is impossible to remove gluten from the diet. This may reduce the body content of iron, calcium, b vitamins – that’s why this diet is dangerous for health.

Vegan diet

Completely prohibits all animal products, including milk and eggs. Such a diet will benefit only if you manage to choose substitute products and to make the food varied.

The consequences

Although the proteins of meat and fish will be partially replaced by nuts and pulses, to obtain from plants the whole set of essential amino acids impossible. Will have to take supplements and vitamins. The unfortunate consequence of a vegan diet – iron deficiency (low hemoglobin), zinc and vitamin B12.

Low-carb diet

Carbohydrates are found in cereals, vegetables, fruits. Completely excluding them from the diet, we significantly reduce the amount of nutrients and fiber that enters the body.

The consequences

When a low carbohydrate diet slow down metabolism. Consumption of animal protein increases, and increases the load on the kidneys. Why do low carbohydrate diets lead to weight loss? It’s simple: the rejection of refined sugars (candy, desserts, pastries) helps to lose weight. However, the body does not receive needed nutrients, the metabolism is disturbed, and that the diet is dangerous for health