In the Parliament want to bring the tax police, the Ministry of Finance – against

In Parliament, a scandal erupted around bill No. 0940 on the taxation of inheritance. According to experts and several MPs, on Tuesday morning at a meeting of the Committee on taxation and customs policy, in violation of the rules in the document made an edit that actually returns legitimate in the plane of activity of tax police. As you know, at the end of December, during the adoption of the budget laws, one of the bills (No. 5368) made an edit which put the activities of the tax police outside the law. New body to replace the financial police with limited powers – has not yet been created.

“Was the law of inheritance No. 0940, which in April last year, was voted by the Committee and recommended for adoption in the second reading. That is, the decision of the Committee on this issue already. On Tuesday at 9 a.m., the Committee collected and supplemented it with the edits in violation of the regulations, which concerned, on the one hand, activities in the occupied territories (which do not apply penalties to certain companies), and on the other hand, revisions to correct certain points in the activities of the tax police and attempts to resume its powers. That is, on the one hand, this violates the regulations because the Committee’s decision has been, on the other hand it was done quietly with no actual discussion. If someone believes that it was a mistake (when you edit the bill No. 5368 actually put the activity of tax police is the law – Ed.) please register a separate bill, pass first and second reading and vote”, – told us a member of the tax Committee, the people’s Deputy from “Samopomich” Andriy zhurzhiy.

Finance Minister Alexander danyluk calls the session hall in any case not to support bill No. 0940 on taxation of inheritance and focus on the development and adoption of the document on the financial police.

At the same time, the head of the Committee on taxation and customs policy Nina Southerner believes that bill No. 0940 needs to take in its current form with the amendment of the tax police, because legal errors and conflicts made during the adoption of the budget in December last year, need to fix.

“The second reading of bill No. 0940 was prepared in December and the table (comparison – Ed.) were distributed in the hall. Now, based on the technical need for the adoption of amendments to the Tax code, we met in Committee and agreed that bill No. 0940 second reading we will prepare the second table. For it we have voted, and there made several technical amendments needed by the business and budget for addressing the issues that have arisen after the adoption of the law No. 1797 (on amendments to the Tax code to improving the investment climate in Ukraine – Ed.)”, said “Segodnia” the head of the Committee.

On the question of whether the bill about the taxation of inheritance is the norm, which actually revives the activity of the tax police, Nina Southerner replied, “And vote whether we really are the elimination of the tax police? No. The government bill 5368 just was that the tax police liquidated only after the establishment of the new Agency (financial police – Ed.). Therefore, the conflict had found some people that in the transitional provisions therein was removed, you have probably repeatedly heard about it (now, the actual activity of tax police is the law – Ed.)… This link we now (in the bill about the taxation of inheritance – Ed.) fixed. Took on this responsibility, because if there is ambiguity and if there is a legal case, they need to fix.”

Moreover, despite the words of Finance Minister Alexander danyluk that the bill on financial police is ready, according to the head of the Committee with MPs during its development had not been consulted. “I know that this new law seems to be already in the Ministry of Finance almost gained. But, by the way, in the Committee he never discussed. I have never seen. We have repeatedly said, and the Prime Minister emphasized that no such fundamental bill without the approval of MPs will not go. And so right because it turns out that all the initiatives of the government MPs should vote? No. At the last meeting with the Prime Minister I was asked to the working group were attached to the heads of specialized committees. Today I turn to the experts, invite them to the Committee at a meeting to openly talk about the creation of the financial police and if that does not work the Minister of Finance, will take the work on the bill, on its platform,” concluded the Southerner.

According to a member of the same Committee of MP Andrew Georgia, the bill on financial police, developed by the Ministry of Finance, have all members of the Committee and the words of the Southerner that she couldn’t see his eyes are not true.