The crumbling walls, the ceiling and the current war on tenants – in Kiev want to close on reconstruction the teacher’s House

About the accident of the Kyiv city house of teachers talking for a long time. The last major overhaul was carried out in 1974. External facades, interior finishing, communications – all these for the years of operation fell into disrepair. A few years ago of the architectural monument began to crumble dome – pieces of glass fell right on the road. Then began another emergency repair, which, however, did not solve the problem – the building needs a complete renovation.

The website “Today” has addressed to city authorities for an explanation – why a monument of architecture, history and culture is in such a state. With us to inspect the House of the teacher was the Director of the Department of education and science, youth and sports of the KCSA Elena Fidanyan. It is the balance of her Department is a building.

The ceiling in the building leaks all the time, one of the halls closed because of accidents

– If Kiev doesn’t want to lose this monument of architecture, it is necessary to do a complete restoration. Cracks in the facade of the House of the teacher is visible to the naked eye of ordinary passers-by – and that’s just on the outside. Look, these glass ever placed on a glass – Fidanyan points to the dome. But in those days, Windows was imperfect. And now the iron clamps that held them, has rusted, the glass broke. Rain falls on the rust, it starts to flow between the plates and wash them from the inside impossible. I touch one of the glass – drop the whole dome. The dome must be completely replaced.

The decision to conduct the restoration of the Kyiv city state administration adopted five years ago – in April 2012, the head of the Kyiv city state administration Oleksandr Popov signed a relevant order. The restoration wanted to spend in stages: first to restore the facade, engineering networks yard and patio then fence, entrance and dome, to improve the territory and to implement energy-saving technologies. All of this has promised to allocate UAH 50 million.

Some of the cracks, according to the Directorate of teacher’s House, has become a cross-cutting

In fact, instead of the restoration money was allocated for routine maintenance and project documentation. As first reported by the website of “Today,” former Deputy Director for administrative and economic part of the House the teacher of Alexander Getman, in 2013-m year of design and estimate documentation has cost nearly 2 million UAH, and in 2015 its again corrected. In total documentation cost UAH 5 million. All this without closing the crumbling monument. Moreover, in 2015-2016 the emergency room of the teacher’s House was rented for a few years.

Over the years architectural monument in the center of Kiev wanted by many. In the early 90’s there began the business Empire of the former mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky. At first the Metropolitan Commission organized them in the teacher’s House, he daily raised 20-50 thousand dollars a day. In the 2000s he switched to banking, but the building is not gone – opened the restaurant. Together with the disappearance of the mayor and curled the business. The restaurant now is also not functioning, it was only from the columns and kitchen hood.

The column is all that remains from the restaurant’s former Kiev mayor

– What part of the teacher’s House today really belongs to the teachers?

– About 20%. Even employees have nowhere to plant – teachers who work in the teacher’s House. There is no possibility to make a methodical study, study, archive of pedagogical creativity. On the one hand, our exhibits are in Zurich, but a collection of collage and children’s drawings I have to store in your Cabinet, as well as sugar miniature of our building, designed by Irish sculptors Brendan Jamison and mark Revels, – complains Director of the teacher’s House Ruslan Rudkovskaya.

All shaded premises are rented

Officially the teachers ‘ Building with nine tenants. Four of them (GP “Kyiv choreographic College”, the State scientific pedagogical library of Ukraine named. V. A. Sukhomlinsky’s Pedagogical Museum of Ukraine NAPA, Kyiv city organization of trade Unions of workers of education and science of Ukraine) rented square meter for a nominal fee of 1 UAH/year.

One of the premises is leased as a dance Studio

The rest of the leased premises under dance studios. This sport ball dance club “Yuventa” rents 257 sq. m. and TH “Centre of teachers of ballroom sport dance”. The main tenant is Dmitry Kaigorodov. He and his wife owned by “Cultural center “Kiyanochka” and “Choreographic school “Kiyanochka” renting a total of about 400 sq. ft. for dance workshops. And yet – the above mentioned SE “Kyiv choreographic College” renting 474 square feet for 2 UAH/year. But that’s not all.

Behind one of three doors the main entrance Kaigorodov equipped canteen, – says Elena Fidanyan. – Hood made. Utility area in the input group, the teacher’s House! On another floor of the House of the teacher (in one of the halls), the same tenants made the complete redesign, where placed second outbuilding with bath and boiler room. All of this with the written permission of the Ministry of culture. By the way, a letter that authorizes you to make alterations to a historic building, it was issued approximately a month after the delivery of the documents.

In the photo – hood amenities owned by Dmitry Kaigorodov

– In hindsight, it turns out?

– Maybe, but to assert this, we need proof. Just alerted us to the delay in providing this letter. When Ruslan Andreevna came to his post, a lot is opened. For example, the leased premises. We were shocked by the fact that teachers of the Kiev teacher’s House almost has no place. Walked out with a large check in which found the buffets, redesigned spaces. In response, we began to bring the various pieces of paper – a piece of paper signed these, a piece of paper signed by. Afford such indulgences, which for decades, step by step, took away the space for teachers.

In this house there are many skeletons in the closet. It so happened that the new leader came to the institution, which is not. This house is a Mirage. For teachers it does not exist. The new Director will need to implement the concept, which she won in the open competition, a year to report changes. And what changes, if we are mired in figuring out how many of the 13 rooms in the House of the teacher and what they want to execute once a preferential rent, the repair of the current roof? Though technically, the roof was repaired a year ago, but we were unable to find a warranty company who made the repair.

Constantly current ceilings is one of the chronic problems of the teacher’s House

Can I prosecute someone from the previous management?

– And for what? The lease is in compliance with all laws. We do not consent to new – and it annoys one of the tenants

– So you’ve already informed the tenants that they plan to close the building? How did they take it?

– Not yet officially reported. Waiting for project completion. But, of course, rumors are always ahead of official action. The special joy of the tenants the possibility of closing a Home teacher for the reconstruction of the causes. But none of them is responsible for the condition of the House teacher – we carry it. Now the building is sealed two rooms, closed balcony in the conference room. In the Youth hall of the volumetric elements of stucco, located directly above the stage, are cracked. But we can’t close the leased premises, although we see that the situation is not better. But there is learning a huge number of children, which the tenants daily endanger.

In places where the roof leaks, the wiring is

– When did this whole lease?

– In the 90s. Many have begun to work with teachers, and then went to their bread and took out the lease. First took a small room, then rented halls. At the moment all these rooms which you see are rented. Rent in local currency, and at very low rates.

– And for children it is free or paid?

– They are students of a private institution. Of course, for a fee.

– And approximately how many children?

– A lot of children, but not in their number. Today we have a great concern that children are trained in an emergency room. We warned all the tenants that they are personally responsible for the safety and health of their pupils in connection with the accident rate of the room.

Some offices are already closed due to crumbling plaster

– At the same time, some of the lease contract ends only in 2019 – what about them?

– To be honest, we have not yet discussed this issue with lawyers. But after the completion of the project we will work on the design document, which reglamentary this question. For us today it is very important that we have the support of three committees of city Council (education, property, and budget), on the need of reconstruction of the House of the teacher. Members of the Commission for education, science, youth and sports and representatives of each faction of the city Council personally have visited all of the room.

At the same time, tenants today are given to understand that travel is not collected. “We have the lease for another three years – we would like to use this time. We can get – there are plenty of us tenants: “Juventa”, “Grand Duo” – for them it is also a painful question. We will fight! I gather parents, whom we have 1.5 thousand people Katerinchuka, Surkises, all-all. Doctors, folk artists!”, – warns Dmitry Kaigorodov in a telephone conversation with the journalist of the website “Today”.

Of special note is the issue of “small shed”, suddenly emerged on the territory of the House of the teacher and appearing in the records as “non-residential premises with an area of 90.9 sq m on the street, 57b”. Back in 2001, the year this building for storage and reconstruction of the leased LLC “Junior sport”. The company reconstruction was carried out, increasing the area of the “warehouse” to 307,8 sq. m. As reported in the Department of communal property of Kyiv, and in 2012, the year this building was purchased over 1 200 UAH 639.

– We have a separate folder, as was this construction. It was the decision of city Council. It all started with a garage and shed.

– You can pull it down or repair if necessary?

– No. All we did was protect the emergency band that nobody went to.

In the inner courtyard of the destroyed balconies

– It turns out, the land is yours, and you can’t touch? And in operation it is entered?

– No. Visually – there is no Sewerage and internal works.

– And then there were plans to build?

Looks like a catering. What’s planned – it’s hard to say.

– The hosts go in there not trying?

No, no one came. But as the security, sometimes someone comes and asks. The worst thing is that it is destroyed, – says the Director of the House of the teacher.

– The state does not want to take the teacher’s House?

– Maybe the government would like, because it’s iconic room where the first government. We have not had any complaints – says the Director of the Department of education administration. But the city today to give the House the teacher is not going to. The city has money, he wants to restore and modify it internally. Externally – no, but internally Yes.

At a teacher’s House in connection with the centennial of the beginning of the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921 in the state. So, at the meeting on preparation and holding festive events, chaired by Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, the Kiev city administration with the participation of the Ministry of culture was instructed to develop a schedule of repair works in the building. However, only for expansion of the exposition of the Museum of Ukrainian revolution and the restoration of the memorial Cabinet of the first Prime Minister of Ukrainian people’s Republic Volodymyr Vynnychenko.

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

Photos: Danil Pavlov

– What is the budget of the whole reconstruction today?

We have not named an exact figure. A lot of questions. We don’t know that I would see the builders, when will the work start that today the building can be saved, and that is subject to change, Fidanyan.

Now at the disposal of the Directorate there are only pre-proposals on the basis of which will create the detailed design. According to Elena, Fidanyan based on the reconstruction will return some of the ideas of the architect Pavel Aleshin. I’ll start with the basement, where now are the tenants.

– We will comply with logistics. Near the main entrance instead of changing rooms will do the amphitheatre, and the wardrobe moved to another location. Save columns, open sewn wall – it was designed by architect Aleshin it open. From here you can go to the patio or climb the stairs to the auditorium from the dressing room. Open the small conference room, meeting room, hall of ceremonies. That is, putting all of the premises for events on one floor.

Make the scientific incubators for teachers and Technopark – we are still so call it. Equip teacher’s House four elevators – two at each entrance. Two of them are panoramic, the rest – the usual. Today in the teacher’s House has no architectural accessibility for any person with special needs. We tell them that we need to create architectural accessibility for children in schools and kindergartens, but no teacher with special needs not enter here.

The basement is rebuilt to technical facilities, which can be stuffed with equipment. There’s also organize the room for the technical staff, workshop and publishing house. At the House of a teacher today is not their publishers – however, as you can see, he has very little.

Down on the ground floor of the Museum archives, where you can store artifacts and literary sources. One of the floors will take under the Museum space. I also want to organize in the teacher’s coffee house with good candy store. And most importantly – we will hold a discussion of the project with the teachers and the Union. It is they who must decide what, in the future, see your professional centre – Teacher’s house.

Elena Fidanyan showed us how it will look in the building after restoration

– You say that the restoration of the building plan to start this fall?

– Yes, it tells us the customer of construction – KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UCB.” But in order to start work it is necessary to vacate the premises. One day no one will leave. For this we must find and prepare the other room, for that would be to carry the exhibits, items, documentation…

But teachers can’t wait any longer. We understand that the task is not simple: to restore the monument and give it new life. It has become the center of pedagogical innovations, a meeting place with interesting people, a place of relaxation and at the same time aesthetic and professional saturation for teachers.

What are we waiting for? The fact that the day will come and we’ll be going through a wonderful courtyard (where they will play the string Quartet) go up to the observation Elevator to the dome, where teachers admire the starry sky and prove Fermat’s theorem.