In Kherson region the man on the ice carried into freefall

In Service of rescue Genichesk district, reported that a person came to the ice on the lake Sivash, headed towards the island Papanino and never returned. Relatives went to search for him and to call the number “101”, reported the press service of the SSES in the Kherson region.

On arrival to a call place, rescuers realized that the search and rescue efforts impossible due to adverse conditions: thin ice, fast current and dark. Meanwhile, relatives of the missing men got on the island Papanino and could not go back. Over the phone they were sent on a private farm, located on the island, to wait for dawn. They were then planning to move to the mainland and start searching for their relative.

The next day the search was resumed. On the same day, found the missing 30-year-old man along with two relatives, and on the boat ferried them to the mainland.

Earlier it was reported that in Cherkasy region rescued the fisherman. The man decided to catch some perch near the Bar. Set on the ice for a makeshift tent and, when rested, did not notice that the ice floe broke away and carried him along the Dnieper.