“Total sex” and pit, with revenue of 1.2 million: Kiva explained inconsistencies in the Declaration

Reporters figured out, where there lives the Deputy, and where he got the money for protection

MP Ilya Kiva, whose account had previously been arrested, in the Declaration on incomes and property status in the year 2019 indicated that the apartment in which lives. This is evidenced by the investigation conducted by the project Bihus.Info.

In the Declaration of the parliamentarian stated, he freely lives in a Studio apartment on the capital’s left Bank. But, according to the Concierge of the house, the MP here has never appeared. Reporters also found that Kiva actually lives on the Lutheran street in the center of Kiev.

In addition, the people’s Deputy to accompany men in the outfit similar to the guards. But no space, no rent the services of private security are not reflected in the Declaration of the Kiva. Cars that move supposedly guards Kiva is not registered in the database of the MVD.

Kiva itself explains that it is often a friend. “At the Lutheran flat, my mate lives there”, — told reporters the Kiva. To the question why he does not declare home where lives with his girlfriend, because they have a common life, the MP said: “I’m no General way of life, I have in common with her sex. It happens sometimes”.

The MP Kiva is preparing to hand over suspected because of a fight in the restaurant