The Cabinet adopted the energy strategy until 2035: the main provisions of the document

The Cabinet of Ministers on Friday, August 18, adopted the energy strategy of Ukraine for the period till 2035 “Security, efficiency, competitiveness” a three-day revision.

The energy strategy of Ukraine is the basic document of the state energy policythat defines development of the energy sector in accordance with the needs of economic and social development for the period up to 2035.

The adopted document also formulates the tasks of the Executive authorities in the field of energy management.

Thus, the Strategy stated that electricity production in Ukraine by 2020 will remain at about 164 billion kWh.

Thus, in 2025 is expected to increase electricity production to 178 billion kWh in 2030 – up to 185 billion kWh, and in 2035 – to 195 billion kWh.

In particular, the share of renewable energy will increase to 5.5% in 2020 and to 12.8% in 2035.

Also, the Strategy tasked to integrate the Ukrainian energy system with the European ENTSO-E by 2025.

The energy strategy implies the preservation of the transit of natural gas through Russian gas at the level of 50-80 billion cubic meters by 2019, while there is the option of reducing the transit to 15-40 billion cubic meters.


  • Ukraine may lose role of transit country for Russian gas after 2019

The fact that Russia is gradually implementing the projects of alternative routes for gas transportation to Europe, for example, expanding the “Nord stream”, seeks to increase access capacity of the European gas transmission network OPAL, and is also building the “Turkish stream”.

The share of energy companies in Europe in the transit of gas through Ukraine will be more than 50%, while the share of foreign companies, which will store gas in gas storages of Ukraine – at least 20%.

It is expected that the volume of gas transported to Ukrainian consumers will amount to 26 to 30 billion cubic meters per year.

The implementation of the Strategy to be carried out in three stages:

1. Reforming the energy sector (until 2020) – the main emphasis will be made on the implementation of reforms and formation of competitive and attractive investment environment.

2. Optimization and innovation development of energy infrastructure (2025) – this stage will be oriented to work in the new market environment and the actual integration of the energy systems of Ukraine and Europe, which will significantly affect the rationale for the selection of objects for renovation and new construction in the energy sector and energy efficiency.

3. Sustainable development (2035) – this stage is aimed at innovative development of the energy sector and construction of new generation and investment in new capacity to replace decommissioned. The choice of type of generation will depend on the forecast of price conjuncture of fuel and intensity of development of each type of generation.

The result of the implementation of the Energy strategy should be the transformation of the fuel and energy complex of problematic, requiring constant state support, in a modern, competitive and efficient industry – the locomotive of modernization of the economy, capable of sustainable development in the long term.

The current strategy was adopted in 2013 and no longer meet current realities. So the new document does not become outdated as fast it is supposed to update it every three years by results of the analysis for compliance to current circumstances, conditions and technologies and taking into account the results of implementation of action plans to be developed by the Cabinet for 3-5 years.