Ukrainians are massively buying used cars

In January 2017, the vehicles used, without run in Ukraine, took 35% of the primary market, according to the Association “Ukrautoprom”. The total number of registrations of imported car second-hand 3 made 54 thousand units, which is 58% more than in January last year.

Thus the fifth consecutive month that the bulk of these registrations are cars. January the demand for imported cars with mileage increased three times compared to the previous year to 2178. In the result of the first three sold within a month on the territory of Ukraine the passenger car was one – used.

The bulk (over 60%) of the registered cars totaled cars aged up to 5 years.

And in the top five most popular brands on the January primary market b/y car included Volkswagen (412 units), Renault (378 units), Skoda (268 units), Opel (208 units), Nissan (147 pieces).