Dangerous stunt: the girl jumped into the pool of a cruise ship with a height of 16 meters (video)

Acrobat Cecily Carlton made a dangerous jump from a height of 16 meters. The girl jumped in the pool, located on Board the world’s largest cruise liner, writes the Daily Mail.

In the video trick Cecilia recorded her colleague Sidney brown and posted it on Instagram.

According to the newspaper, the ship Harmony of the Seas features the deepest pool in the world compared to other passenger liners. It regularly hosts entertainment shows, Aqua Theater, including with the participation of high divers.

Would you jump? took this video of @cesiliecarlton diving from 17m onboard the #HarmonyoftheSeas

Video posted by Sydney Brown (@sydneybrown_xo) Jan 29 2017 at 8:47 PST

The video of the impressive jump has collected more than 200 thousand views.