Unusual consequences: the man cured cancer and got the permanent erection

Dutch oncologists had surgery to remove a tumor of the colon 58-year-old man and was faced with an unusual phenomenon – an impenetrable erection.

The case they described in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

It is noted that the operation of hemicolectomy (removal of part of the colon) was performed under epidural anesthesia and was successful, however, the men soon after this, there was persistent erection, his problem is he day not talking to the nurses.

After a day of torment, he complained to the attending physician. Examined the patient’s urologist diagnosed ischemic priapism due to blood stasis, which required surgery. By the time the painful condition of arousal in men are already present within 48 hours. Operation, in which syringe the blood flow was restored, gave temporary relief, but a day later, painful erection began again.

The doctors brought the patient to the substance phenylephrine for the normalization of blood flow, however due to the fact that treatment was delayed, and the patient developed erectile dysfunction, which managed to escape only after six months of administration of specific drugs. The exact cause of the problem remain unclear, but scientists speculate that the cause of priapism was the substance propofol, which was administered for anesthesia during surgery.