Orban with Putin is building a Great Hungary

Viktor Orban wants Hungary again became great. We are not talking about lost after the First world war, the land, and symbolic greatness, the highest political importance of this small country. Putin’s invitation is the next step to that greatness. The Russian leader also not be the loser.

Orban skillfully playing on the national feelings of the Hungarians, who for almost a hundred years feel like victims all around: the Western powers, Hitler, USSR, and more recently, the European Union and liberal elites. He plays to Hungarian pride, and Hungarian fear. When it is the Budapest area of Lajos Kossuth was reconstructed to make it look like in the era of the great Hungary in 1938 (he had to move the monument). In front of the monumental neo-Gothic Parliament building opened interactive underground Museum of the Hungarian October. One of its attractions — the best Soviet tank, which every moment shoots towards the viewer. Anyone can stand in front of the tank and feel like a victim of the bloodshed of 1956.

Putin feels like home Hungary

It is the Hungary of Viktor Orban became the first EU country, which the Russian President called for after the annexation of Crimea (in early 2015). If then it was about cheap Russian gas, now at stake is something more: the future of the European sanctions against Russia and the dismantling of the EU. After Putin’s visit in 2015 in the world, much has changed. Europe had weakened the immigration crisis. After the referendum on the subject of Breccia thrown into question the future of the European Union, which was submitted earlier continuous movement towards closer integration. Then Europe lost support in America: the new President Donald trump believes the EU is an anachronism, Germany faces a trade war and criticizes the global institutional arrangement.

What weakened the EU, wonderfully strengthened the position of Orban. Criticism of the policy of “open doors” pursued by Angela Merkel has added to his supporters, including in Western Europe (like for example, the Christian social Union in Bavaria — partner of the CDU Merkel). Orban has turned criticism of the principle of solidarity (in the subject of refugees) to their political advantage. His authoritarian model of governance found followers in Poland. The concept of illiberal democracy has now become something more than just a theory, and pioneer has become one of the most zealous critics of European federalism and the European institutions. Lately, trying to fit in with the policy of trump, he proclaims the end of global order, based on multilateral relations.

Putin’s fifth column

Orban, Putin is not just a useful idiot, if not an ally, then at least partner for European Affairs. The Russian President hopes that the Hungarian Prime Minister will act as the advocate of the abolition of EU sanctions against Moscow imposed after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Also like Putin, Orban undermines the cohesion of the EU, putting the interests of his country above the interests of the entire community. The benefit is mutual. If the European Union will disintegrate, Hungary, a small country in Central Europe, will suffer without a powerful patron the economic collapse.

Miklós Horthy (Horthy Miklós) was one of the most tragic figures in modern history of Hungary, Admiral without a Navy in a country which has no outlet to the sea. Some Hungarians consider him a hero, some an anti-Semite and a collaborator, who until the very end, maneuvered between Hitler and the anti-Hitler coalition. In the end, he led his country to disaster (although the mass deportation of Jews to death camps began only after the government seized the Hungarian fascists of the arrow cross Party). When Orban in Hungary began to appear monuments to Horthy. But in history there is no direct Parallels. The current Prime Minister unites with Admiral longing for greater Hungary and nationalism, and a distinguished attitude towards Russia. When Horthy, Hungary fought against the Soviet Union hand in hand with the Nazis. When Orban Hungary has become the fifth column of Putin in Europe.