Trump Gorbachev?

Is it possible to make America great, limiting, as it was announced, its activity, turning activity, isolating it and resorting to another nuclear-strategic modernization and upgrade.

The arrival of Donald trump at the head of the Executive power of the United States, President powerful superpower leads to one — at first glance — inappropriate and unlikely Association. Suggests a historical parallel, while only potential, with Mikhail Gorbachev and his fateful role in the destruction of the former for over forty years, primarily European (peaceful, no wars in Europe), but also the world, the Tehran-Yalta-pottasche bipolar geopolitical and military order based on the balance of power between the two superpowers, USA and USSR, and their military-political blocs.

Is it possible at the moment to think in that “format”: tramp as Gorbachev?

Having played over 25 years ago the role of the main historical agent of the West, or rather the United States of America, Gorbachev became the first Creator of the new at that time, unipolar, Euro-Atlantic, U.S., NATO European (and global) order with no balanced power, and all that entails the absence of a global balance of power.

Without any guarantees from the second party, Gorbachev unilaterally brought to life what American foreign policy establishment, starting with Nicholas Spykman through George Kennan down to Zbigniew Brzezinski, could then only dream of. Talking about absolute, inviolable, international and, of course, mostly European so-called philanthropic global hegemony of the United States related to the exceptionality of the American nation and of the state, its educational and a Messianic vocation to transform, to change backward “unfree” world, etc. by the Way, this even resulted in the emergence and promulgation of the largest international geopolitical and geoeconomic project, associated with the creation of the Eurasian space “confederative Russia, consisting of Russia, Siberia and the far Eastern Republic.”

Current statements of trump, his views and plans in the field of international relations and foreign policy, so far exist only on declarative level, can cause serious, and perhaps the greatest turn, become an eyesore, and the most audacious challenge to the ruling ideological American foreign and military-defense-intelligence establishment since the end of world war II and of the US becoming a global superpower.

Leading and key idea of trump (“do America (again) the great”) is ambivalent, speaking about U.S. global role in international relations. Because the United States is undoubtedly already possess the world’s “grandeur”: the military, nuclear, strategic, interventionist, and intelligence, if you think about covert operations, numerous military bases and infrastructure around the world.

In this regard, raises a few questions. First and foremost: will the administration of President trump to do great in international relations, America still greater, intensifying or limiting (transforming) its current activities? And how does trump’s plans to make America great in international relations without war, without military intervention, without a global hegemony, violence and state terrorism of a superpower, without induced civil wars, coups, no assassinations of presidents and without full control? Is it possible to make America great, limiting, as it was announced, its activity, turning activity, isolating it and resorting to another nuclear-strategic modernization and upgrade?

Would satisfy this alleged international (re)orientation and the concept of the USA to wall street, transnational corporations, the military scientific-industrial and political-ideological “complex”? Military nuclear modernization will go hand in hand with a withdrawal from global military hegemony and military control over Europe? Is it possible a new great international relations America without Russia as a major old-new exclusive American global arch-enemy and without Europe as a priority of American geopolitical stronghold? And whether in this case, China and the Asia-Pacific region to take the place of Russia and Europe, or are they already doing it? “Move” already the United States from Europe to the far East and in the Asia-Pacific region? And finally, there will be enough of this “compensation” for the new great America?

If it turns out that the trump for the duration of its mandate, will give on most of these and other unsettled questions in the affirmative, it will be America, which she herself, as well as Europe and the world has not seen since the end of world war II until today. It would be a peculiar variant of the “gorbachevskii” American and European geopolitical and defense space and order, that is, the pendulum has swung to the other side, and maybe even a little further. In this case, the “General cleaning” will have to be modern European and the us-EU-NATO order in the sphere of security. The architecture of the new order cannot exist without Russia as one of the most important pillars.

The author is a doctor of international relations, political scientist, scientific Advisor.