How not to make the image of Hama: the subtleties and secrets of modern business etiquette

The fundamental principles of behavior and family etiquette, etiquette in a telephone conversation, behavior at the theater, Museum, restaurant and transport — most people know and even try to follow them (though not constantly). But business etiquette and online etiquette are the gaps identified, recognized specialists in business communications. Among the most common errors: candidates try to show individuality where it should not, and slipping into familiarity in social networks with the boss or a potential employer, considering it a friendly location.

Also, many incorrectly make invitations for business meetings, ready to alarm calls people for work at any time of day, etc. — explaining their versatility, eagerness to work and a lack of boundaries. Coaches etiquette Kiev centers for the development of frolyak Valentina and Svetlana Bragina told, where the line between business acumen and tactless as to earn a reputation of an educated man to get a desired job, and what not to do in order not to make the image of Hama.


Many applicants, according to experts on etiquette, was formed the erroneous opinion that there is a strong side of the employee. “Common errors in business ethics multiple — explains the expert Svetlana Borodina. For example, “stealing time” of the employer when the applicant several times said said and asked for clarification of the obvious instead of taking more time to carefully read the vacancy. Or when a competitor believes the test task too easy, and tries to “persuade” the employer on their terms (I can do the job so, not so). Unwelcome and constant calls with questions: “I’m adopted or not?”, etc.”

In a business relationship must always be respected the chain of command. Welcome brevity and a cool politeness — from the series “the Job will be done to so many-hours,” “Thank you”, “Please”. The employer shall not reassuring, and the employee is to move to a familiarity. “Do not just “make friends” in all social networks and policywhat from top to bottom of the page of employer/business partner/colleagues etc., — says Valentina frolyak. On the contrary: you have to be cautious and engage in correspondence without regard to the posts and comments unless they directly relate to the subject of your conversation.”

Unethical. To show the emotion in the interviews and business negotiations.


Another rule of etiquette, which many people argue, and sometimes I do not want to comply — a common language. But the conversation with the employer or business partner should be conducted in the language of the employer or business partner who is more influential. A “bend the line” is appropriate only in a friendly conversation or waiting in line at the store.

“From that moment many people are surprised to their failure in finding work or failures in the negotiations, says the coach business/office etiquette Svetlana Borodina. — Remember the example from my recent practice: she held training on business etiquette, said that for her to speak their language — a matter of principle, and added that it is not ready to use the language of the employer. From the point of view of ethics its position is fundamentally wrong! The firm, of course, you need a worker. But somehow the office managed without it before — at least, the time frame in which the search is conducted. The only option here is ethically permissible to ask the interlocutor, will not be any objection, if he will speak the language in which it is more convenient to speak”.

INTERNET ETIQUETTE. Unethical is considered to be an invitation to a business meeting or lunch via SMS — with the exception of reminders that at a certain time on a certain day a job interview/talks, etc. “and Another thing — the email invitation or through a phone call,” says Valentina frolyak.

By the way: with the advent of smartphones there are some new rules of etiquette. For example, it is rude to put the phone on a table in public places (cafes, restaurants etc.) all the time to follow them, reply to messages, etc. — even if you apologized.

“By doing so, you demonstrate how you are not interested in everything that happens next. And Vice versa — indicate that there is something much more important — says the coach. In this case you will save even apologies that you have some urgent matter, because you are distracted by the gadget. When you have a real emergency — you should either not agree to meet, or apologizing away for a moment, and solve all Affairs — not in the eyes of the interlocutor.

It is considered unethical to call after 22.00, and the subscriber has the right not to take up.

BUSINESS. Deadline delays and late calls will not add points to employee or business partner.

“According to the rules of business etiquette, it is unethical to call a man after 22:00, — says Svetlana Borodina. — Exception — only in cases when the interlocutor says is waiting for your call at any time of day, or from your conversation, something depends in a global sense (not only solved your situation or your interlocutor). Basically late-night calls is an urgent request for a favor or for a favor. It is believed that the person calling is entitled to take up, and the “no offense”. Working rule deadline, and for the message of good news: any news can wait until morning.”

Talks and interviews. Not conducted and are not assigned by SMS.


About the rules of conduct, everyone can learn the courses of etiquette: a lot of them carried out in the capital and in other cities. The cost varies in the range of 1-2 thousand UAH, and the schedule of classes may be different. In some centers, all about all stands out for a few days, others a few weeks.

“Programs are basically the same. Except that teachers on different lessons and reinforce their training with different examples” — explain the experts on etiquette.

Those who for any reason is not ready to learn at the courses, they are advised to study on free Internet portals that offer courses in etiquette and the cycles of lessons and lectures on this topic. Among the most interesting they said,,,,,,, and various books on etiquette, which can also be find in free access in the network.