In the US, the court dismissed the appeal of trump

The Federal U.S. court of appeals rejected the request of the administration of President Donald trump on the renewal of the validity of the immigration Ordinance, which prohibited the entry of citizens of seven Muslim countries.

According to the American media, the crew of the tramp there until the evening of Monday, 6 February to submit your objections to this decision.

Recall, 27 Jan Donald trump for 120 days restricted entry into the United States refugees and 90 days suspended entry into the country of the seven countries – Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

But on 3 February, the Federal court in Seattle has decided to suspend the decree until, until will not be considered a claim for cancellation brought by the Prosecutor of the state of Washington.

The U.S. justice Department has filed an appeal against the cancellation of the decree trump the migrants.