The week’s events: the exile of Saakashvili, the shooting of the Volunteers in the river and anti-Ukrainian statements of trump

Last week, our readers were interested in the showdown in the river, in which were involved famous Volunteers, accusations trump in the Ukraine and news about Poroshenko was expelled from the country by his “friend” Saakashvili said.

Started this week with a wild story about a shooting at one of the restaurants in the Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk — ed. ed.), in which one person died on the spot, five others were taken to hospital. Later one of them died from his injuries. As it turned out, the conflict occurred between the two groups.

The participants of the ATO, including, a well known lawyer and human rights activist Edmond Sahakian and his brother is a businessman. In the shootout, was killed Alex Wagner a former soldier-volunteer of the 20th infantry battalion of the 93rd brigade, member of the collisions with people Vilkul may 9 in the river. And on the way to the hospital died Maxim Ivaschuk, a former soldier of the 11th infantry battalion of the 59th brigade. The above-mentioned Edmond Sahakian was also seriously wounded. Incidentally, he represented the interests of the deceased Wagner in court over the riots on may 9.


In the second group, according to media sources the police of the Dnieper, were the bandits who had already been brought to criminal liability, including for robbery. Four of them are with injuries of varying severity in the hospital. The cause of fire, according to the wounded Sahakyan, was a business conflict between his brother, engaged in construction and his business partner, a citizen of Israel by Shalom Nachshon. The lack of understanding they have, according to him, arose because of their latest project — an apartment house. Like, after it had sold all the apartments, Nachshon asked the partner 119 thousand dollars.

As they could not agree for a long time, it was decided to meet in restaurant and, in the end, to dot the “I”. At the meeting, the businessman took the help of his brother Edmond who, as reinforcements, were asked to attend their friends and former colleagues in the military service in the ATO. The opposite side to enhance their own, so to speak, “negotiating positions” attracted ordinary bandits. The result is already known to all — two dead, five wounded, and beyond the Dnieper is slowly beginning to gain a foothold dubious honor of being the criminal capital of Ukraine.

The event caused a wide resonance, and the public divided into two camps. The first believes that this shooting was another proof that the Volunteers are unable to integrate into civilian life, become victims of General insecurity in the state and begin to take part in questionable activities, which can be useful to them prior to the trip skill. The second camp, by contrast, categorically rejects the idea of possible involvement of veterans to crime wars. This event is perceived as long been discussed in a number of communities in social networks the theme “Volunteers can be beat, and now kill with impunity”. Supposedly the hand in the attached followers of the “Russian world”, who want revenge on the patriots for their position. And all this happens with the tacit connivance of the authorities. That is why, they say, must answer blow for blow.

In turn, the interior Ministry explained that at the moment perceive this solely as a shooting crime that occurred because of the “economic interests of the two sides,” and warned that it would not allow the river to expand the ethnic and religious hatred. “The worst thing that can be done now, after the bloody, purely criminal events in the river to provoke foolish and harmful infospoke about the necessity of retaliation by veterans of the ATO, ethnic and sectarian strife because of the presence on the other side of the conflict known in the city and in the separate religious community of Dnepr, a businessman and the citizen of another country,” — wrote the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko.

According to him, this development will be the best gift to the aggressor, which can cause exacerbation, plan, organize and carry out attacks, or even attacks against the representatives of one very influential religious communities in the river, camouflaging them allegedly under the revenge of patriots, veterans Atovan. “The police of the Dnieper river will not allow such a scenario. All the perpetrators of the shooting, and of its bloody consequences will be brought to justice”, — said Shevchenko. It is hoped that our security forces will show stiffness and consistency, this story will be continued in the courts and not on the streets.

Another topic of interest to our readers, was the involvement of Ukraine in the squabbles of the American establishment, split into opponents and allies trump. There has long been coming raging battles over ties trump with Russia, and its contribution to the victory of the eccentric American President in the elections. This week, the trump, under which the chair is wobbly already pretty serious, made an unexpected knight’s move, and accused Ukraine is trying to disrupt his campaign in the interests of Clinton. And demanded that the us prosecutors to investigate the matter.

The information that Ukrainian officials allegedly tried to help the candidate in presidents from Democrats Hillary Clinton during her election campaign to undermine the position of the now elected President of the USA of Donald trump, appeared in the media early in the year. Then Politico wrote that the official Kiev helped Clinton’s office to find dirt on trump, who had hurt his campaign. The newspaper wrote that Ukrainian officials also distributed documents about the involvement of Paul Manafort — chief aide to Donald trump — to corruption. NABU then released copies of the documents, according to which Manafort could get more than $ 12 million from the “black funds” of the former ruling Ukraine party — the Party of regions.

“Ukrainian efforts to influence the presidential race in the States was reflected in attempts to force the resignation of Manafort and spreading rumors that trump’s campaign closely linked with the enemy of Ukraine in the East — Russia. However, they were much less coordinated or centralized, than a hacker attack Russia, and publication of the letters of the Democratic party,” — said in the article. Now, thanks to an unexpected statement of trump, has seen a new wave of suspicion towards Ukraine. The candidate on a post of the head of the FBI, Christopher ray, was appointed to replace the fired by trump for disloyalty of James Comey, July 13 raised the question regarding possible intervention of Ukraine in the elections and promised to understand, whether so it actually. As in Kiev, the presidential administration chose to pretend that nothing happened, had to be answerable to the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States, where, naturally, said that the Ukrainian authorities did not help either Trump or Clinton. That’s all the reaction of our authorities on the accusation of the President of the United States.

Here make a few considerations. On the one hand, trump once again confirmed its reputation as a completely unpredictable politician who in one day with a smile to take Poroshenko at the White house and tell them about the support, and the next day blame work for his former rival. In fact, after that stunt, finally confirmed concerns that trump the Ukraine is only one tool in his political struggle for the preservation of power.

These suspicions first arose during a visit Poroshenko in Washington. The circumstances of the preparation, the meeting and its results suggested that this meeting for trump was an attempt to show that he, in fact, no Pro-Russian politician. After this had no result, trump decided that Ukraine can be used in a different way and accused her of meddling in the US presidential election on the side of the headquarters Clinton, thereby trying to draw Parallels with the question of “Russian interference” and distract the attention of the local audience.

On the other hand, we must honestly admit that the Ukrainian authorities are to blame in this situation, carelessly letting myself last year to get involved in U.S. elections, at various levels of “flushing” for one of the candidates. I think many still remember how, after the announcement of the election results and the recent reports of the victory of trump, many of our politicians rushed to close and jam their messages in social networks, where they spoke disparagingly about trump. It is worth noting that while criticism of such policies by the Ukrainian authorities was made by many experts and diplomats warn that such a position may yet come back to haunt the negative consequences in the future. But as they say, what’s done is done. Now the main question — what to do next. In fact, nothing, because, firstly, our little depends (don’t apologise, do we, in actual fact). And secondly, I’m sure everybody is aware that to compare the actions of Ukraine and Russia to elections in the US, at least, is incorrect. Writing about this and the American media, which already began to dispel myths about the similarity of the contacts of the offices of democratic Ukraine and team trump with Russia.

Also this week, the summer calm in the Ukrainian political life, broke the storm caused by the stupid story of the denationalization of the main Ukrainian and Georgian “friend” Poroshenko Mikhail Saakashvili. Why stupid, you ask? Explain. First, on deprivation of citizenship, Saakashvili said the MP from the radicals Igor Mosiychuk. The question of why the hell some people’s Deputy Lyashko knows about an unpublished decree of the President? This question is interesting in itself, but let’s leave it and move on. After reports of the Chairman, the media rushed to look for confirmation, and received it from sources in the State migration service.

Sources said that Yes, indeed, Saakashvili loses citizenship on the basis of paragraph 2 of article 19 of the Law “On citizenship”, namely on the basis of false data stated in the questionnaire. The documents, which filled a former Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration, noted that he is not under investigation in Ukraine or abroad, but we know that in Georgia, Saakashvili has been in absentia arrested. Sources in the migration service said that about citizenship Saakashvili’s request, the GPU was sent by the MP Andrey Lozovoy (which, coincidentally, has recently popatlal in Parliament and was stripped of his parliamentary immunity, and this was not without the support of BPP).

Then — even more interesting. Press Secretary GMR has refuted these reports, saying that he had not provided such information to the media and “hardly someone from employees GMSU it would”, but after some time on the website of GMS, after all, it was reported that “the President of Ukraine issued a decree on deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine”, which was told that is grounds for loss of citizenship of Ukraine and only at the end and mentioned the name of Saakashvili. In this case, the message was constructed in such a way as to avoid language that allows to clearly say that Poroshenko issued a decree on deprivation of citizenship was Saakashvili.

All the confusion and the persistent desire of officials to avoid simple interpretations suggested that GMS probably do not know what is going on, pointers to them are lowered from the top, and they were forced to release such reports to, in which case, go back on their word, knowing their soft spots covered. The oddities don’t end there. The next day, the AP finally officially confirmed that Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree on the termination of citizenship of Ukraine, Mikheil Saakashvili, but said that in accordance with the legislation on protection of personal data this regulation is not subject to publication because it contains confidential information.

This, however, did not prevent photocopies of the questionnaire Saakashvili, information from which was the reason for the deprivation of his Ukrainian passport, somehow, to emerge in the media. In the questionnaire, signed by allegedly Saakashvili stated that he was “under court and a consequence on the territory of foreign States is not” and confirms the reliability of the presented in the statement of information and validity of documents submitted. It also States that the reasons for which according to article 9 of Law of Ukraine “On citizenship of Ukraine”, he could not obtain Ukrainian citizenship, no. And that’s not all! Recall that earlier, in the decree of the President on granting citizenship, Saakashvili said that this is due to the “special public interest” of Ukraine, but in the published account on the same item is marked “no”.

But the main question at the moment no answer is why Saakashvili was then granted citizenship, knowing about the opened in Georgia criminal cases? Because the granting of citizenship is not at the wave of someone’s hand even if that hand is Poroshenko. This is the work of a heap of services and audits, including reliability of the data stated in the questionnaire. Our government could not know that at that moment Saakashvili problems with the law in another country. They could not not know and that he pointed out false information. Why, then, it does not become a hindrance to give him citizenship, but now has become the reason for their suffering? In General, the story was really stupid and points Poroshenko she’s clearly not brought, due to the clearly selective approach to the law. As they say, friends — everything, to enemies — the law.

(Published slightly abridged).