In Kherson the nervous neighbor arranged knifing

The nervous neighbor rushed into the apartment of the inhabitant of Kherson and stabbed six people, including a young child.

On a scene immediately left investigative team, the press service of the police.

The police found that a resident of the flats was celebrating his birthday. Around 20:40 broke into the apartment of 47-year-old neighbor who lives on the floor below. The man began to apply the present times with a knife.

As a result, injured six people – five adults and a child. The victims were taken to the hospital.

Open criminal proceedings according to article 15 of the Criminal code of Ukraine “Attempted crime” and paragraph 1 of part 2 of article 115 “Deliberate murder” of the criminal code. The malefactor is detained according to article 208 Criminally-the procedural code of Ukraine.

The police find out all circumstances of an event.

Earlier it was reported that in the Chinese province of Henan local resident during a domestic dispute with a knife stabbed five of his neighbors.