In Russia, the jewelry store was robbed in about 40 seconds

Novosibirsk police have arrested suspects in the robbery of a jewelry store. To commit robbery the robbers took only 40 seconds.

The daring crime occurred at 20.00. The attackers “taking out” the guard, hitting him in the head with a claw hammer, smashed the Windows and began to shovel the gold jewelry in a plastic bag. When the package is filled, the raiders fled. As shown by the surveillance camera, the assault took less than a minute.

To a scene there arrived employees is investigative-task force of the police. Interviewing witnesses and examining footage from surveillance cameras, investigators documented signs of intruders.

A day later the hijackers were arrested. The robbers were two residents of Novosibirsk at the age of 29 and 46 years old. Previously, they have repeatedly brought to criminal liability, including for committing a serious crime.

Currently, the whereabouts of the gold jewelry set. Cyber criminals threatens till 12 years of imprisonment.

Earlier it was reported that in the suburbs of Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, four armed criminals robbed a Bank, stealing 47 thousand dollars. To commit the RAID he took only 30 seconds.