Scientists have learned to block the growth of tumors

A recently published study describing the specific mechanisms of blocking of angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels, have the potential to block cancer growth and targeting other diseases, the researchers report, reports “Orthodox”.

Earlier studies conducted by the laboratory of the Harvard medical school showed that cutting off blood vessels that feed the cancer, can stop its growth.

“As a strictly regulated process of angiogenesis is crucial for wound healing and development, but many of the diseases lead to unregulated angiogenesis, including cancer. We might be able to control the angiogenesis, to stimulate the healing of wounds when necessary, but also to block tumor growth in patients. Diseases which depend on angiogenesis, and can be partially treated by changes in dietary lipids influence or control the level of these metabolites by enzymes that block their education,” explains Amy Rand, doctoral student in the laboratory of Bruce Hammaka.