Scary data: men in Ukraine do not live to retirement, and the death rate exceeds the birth rate

In Ukraine, there are 12 million pensioners, of whom 7.5 million are women. Around the world men live shorter lives: the way of the man, explains head of Department of research of demographic processes and population policy Iryna Kurylo. The female body fitter, it is easier to tolerate stress. Biologically normal difference in life expectancy from two to five years. In Ukraine, men live almost ten years less than women.

The expected long life of the Ukrainian – 66,3, and Ukrainian women – 76,1 years, according to the data of the State statistics service. The risk for men of dying before the age of 60 years – 40%, while in Switzerland not live to 60 years, only 8% of men. This means that out of 100 boys in Ukraine, the pension will survive only 60, and in Switzerland – 92.

For example, consider the fate of 100,000 newborns of the Ukrainians. According to statistics, 790 people will die before the age of one year. 10,000 Ukrainians did not live to 35 years and 25 000 – to 60 years. 100 000 of these eight people will kill tuberculosis, two will die from the effects of HIV 184 – from cancer, 16 man will destroy alcohol, 12 broken in the accident, five people drowned. In addition, 12 people will commit suicide. But the most common cause of death are diseases of the cardiovascular system. 100 000 Ukrainians have 918 deaths from circulatory problems.