The Americans turned the old T-72 tank in the drone

Company Micro Systems, owned by Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, refitted T-72 to be able to remote control the old tank. This was reported in the press release of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, – N+1.

An unmanned version of the old military vehicles are often used as targets. Modified for remote control military equipment can be used for combat training of personnel and testing of various types of weapons. One such RC target was the old T-72, modified by engineers Micro Systems.

According to the developers, the development of remote control system for T-72 was more difficult than for other machines because of the nature of the controls tank. To influence the levers necessary to make considerable efforts, also in the existing tank high vibration and high temperature.

After completion of the unmanned T-72 can be controlled by the system AGATCS, which is used for centralized management of flying, floating and ground-based remote-controlled targets.

The drones sometimes make the different military equipment, including aircraft. For example, in 2016 the US air force has adopted a new unmanned QF-16 made on the basis of the decommissioned F-16A/C. there are Also civil projects like focus — for example, its system of remote control helicopters designed by Sikorsky, there is also a remote control system ALIAS, designed for installation on different aircraft.