War! War! War!

“War! War! War!” in these winter days, I hear cries full of a grim excitement, passion, and kids fun, because recently it seemed that the war will not be long or not at all, as we gradually become part of the European decent and reasonable, which will not fight on its territory.

“War! War! War!” — tell it like it said in 1991. But at that time people were afraid of the war — except those who served in the army and who was preparing for war, and those thugs and criminals who saw in the great war as an opportunity to get rich and exalted.

At the time people understand all of the trouble associated with the future and now that we all know what we’re talking about, remember how the war looks like or know the stories about the youth of their parents and older brothers, many seems to come and their time. In addition, you need to fix all what was left from the last war, to finish what was started and then left unfinished (to be honest, had completed all or almost all). This time there are reliable allies, serious defenders, brothers in blood, faith and the earth: Erdogan, the supporter of Islam and the special rights of Turkish Bosnia, Putin, the great Russian Tsar, the protector of Slavs and Orthodox Christians, as well as Donald trump, a supporter of traditional Christian and conservative values that draw the line between the West and the East.

“War! War! War!” — full front pages of right-wing tabloids. But, of course, as always happens, the war is to blame: the war was started by the opposite side. From Serbia to Kosovo went the train, painted in the colors of Serbian flag, with the inscription in all languages “Kosovo is Serbia!” (even with an error in the inscription on his native Serbian language). From the other side of the border the train expect the armed forces army Kosovo Albanians. On empty — or almost empty — place is born the drama between peoples, and, as they say, it is possible that the war will start, if the train crosses the border. But he does not cross. And the next few days, talks about how at the last minute managed to avoid war (which, again, is not very encouraging, because a war in the last hundred years the Balkans have been avoided? Delay managed few). The Serbian President said that if necessary, he personally, with his sons, of which he has two, the first will go to war.

“War! War! War!” — heard in Bosnia. So far, only debate someone with whom to unite. “The Bosnians need to turn to Serbia!” — heard from the left, because of Croatia together with the European Union is waging a “hybrid war” against Bosnia and Bosniaks. Right think a little differently. But neither those, nor others do not know what to do with Milorad dodika. Because it is configured angrily and aggressively against all he talks about is what the early 90s was not heard: Dubrovnik was never part of Croatia. Statements Dodik, of course, posted to the Croatia, like the gospel, as well as the speech of Dudakovic Atif, General of the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, retired, who from the rostrum in the Luxembourg encourages young and old Bosniaks to buy tents, sleeping bags and other necessities in the war things because soon they will come in handy. So if a war starts tomorrow or if you need to find out who provoked the war and who started it, it is already known that it did Atif Dudakovic. Or Milorad Dodik. Or Tomislav Nikolic. Or the driver of the train that never arrived to Kosovska Mitrovica… In General, none of the Croat does not put his hand to the beginning of the war. The reasons are clear: in Bosnia and Herzegovina for this does not remain Croats. And in Croatia? About it in the next series.

“War! War! War!” — heard Balkan echoes of the inauguration of the new American President. If he will abolish NATO (and the generals suddenly want this more than peacekeepers), if this would disintegrate the European Union, the Balkans really start a war. Anyway, all that preceded the war and the immigration crisis, and Pexit, and the election of a President trump was associated with the return of sovereignty to national States, with the liberation from the shackles of the globalist, from the yoke of the international order. In our case all this, it seems, can only mean war. After all, why do we have state and national sovereignty without a war for him?

But which lines will be war, if trump will join with Putin, who has allied with Erdogan? What will be the opposing parties, if Putin Serbs against Croats trump, but those and others — Bosnians against Erdogan? Probably this question has a reasonable answer. There is a geo-strategic logic, according to which the circumstances will develop so that in the end, again just start a war. Perhaps hand this will make the Chinese.

Any war that was fought in the Balkans after 1914 eventually led to the degradation of culture, the loss of ties with Europe and put us back to the tradition that we were cursed before and after the war. When each of these wars ended, these lands were less similar to themselves or those desired beliefs about themselves that are constantly circulated in order to dissociate themselves from the enemy. But after each of these wars the local States are more like their enemies. Of course, those who live in the neighborhood, and not on those who crossed the Alps or the Carpathians to attack us.

During any major war, since the First world until the last one — the one that began with the fall of the Berlin wall possible, given world events, have used for large-scale local information accounts. And no matter how this settling of accounts to interpret: as the civil war or how the neighbor’s aggression. Each time it was a conflict between geographically and culturally close societies. By the way, in every such slaughter — as any of our war was, above all, the slaughter — each of the warring parties makes over a something like a surgical operation, cutting in every war from their own bodies, their own culture, some part to finally deprive the nation and hands, and feet. As a result, remain only the head and body immobilized.

And if this had happened in the first post-war day we would experience a shock. We would see that the world to which we wanted to belong to, has gone far from us, and that we differ from him another war and another of our bodily deformity, which we needed, to show how vehemently and irreconcilably we hate their neighbors, to finally be different from them entirely. However, contrary to our desires and aspirations, every war made us more and more like those with whom we waged a bitter fight.

It is sad and tragic that events in the world to bother us again just because of the chance to settle the score with our neighbors. Milorad Dodik was eager to go to the inauguration in Washington, although there was watching it on TV at some of the nearest diner. Whether in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia or Kosovo at least one politician who could honestly say that I didn’t want the same thing Dodik? Is there anyone who is not photographed through the fence of the White house, as did the President of Croatia? Differences exist, probably only in style and manner, only that one is rampant, until it will be deprived of visas, and the second one about anything not ask, and beautifully sits in the plane and flies away. But they think that trump is on their side and against their neighbor. Only one hope for the bosom friendship of the tramp with Putin, and others believe — this time correctly — that the interests of the very rich in America are different from the interests of the economically weakened Russia, so no bosom friendship will not happen.

“War! War! War!” chant leaders quarreling tribes, peoples and countries, and to us every day spring is approaching. Sorry the world has lost the reasons to enjoy spring. Too bad the world Allergy sufferers, who starts crying, coughing and blowing his nose as soon as the sun warms and plants come to life. If in our area there will be war, it will be a war of puppets, which takes the same path neighborhood quarrels and their own national identity, which went in all wars since 1914. But this time it is impossible to imagine the world after another war. There is only one reason that this war did not happen: nothing truly important to her had already left. Blessed be all that matter.