8 strange sports, which you never heard

If you think you know about sports, everything, look here! Here are a few sports that you never knew existed.

On earth there are many sports that have received a lot of attention and the same time. Not surprisingly, the other because of this completely forgotten. We present some of them — those that are well worth a look.

1. Cheese race

In English Gloucester at Cooper’s hill during the last weekend in may, the enthusiasts are going for a very specific reason. Specifically they rolled cheese. Each participant takes a three-kilogram wheel of cheese and roll it down the hill. The first one to deliver cheese — and yourself, of course — down the winner.

2. Racing in the baths

For the first time this unusual sport appeared in 1967, when racers competed in the tubs with motors on a circular route of almost 6 miles. As the race was declared “risk of injury”, with time even had to set a limit on the amount of horsepower for such a “racing money”.

3. Literal

This is one of the strangest sports in the whole list — but the rules are very simple. Two players sit opposite each other at a distance of about three meters. The first player takes a beach ball and throws it in the opponent’s face, which should not Dodge, close the face and in General to move. After a miss the turn passes to the second player.

4. Fight the big toes

Pro wrestling thumbs, or fingerprinting, you still may have heard. But toes? It is unlikely. However, this sport is, and it is based on the same rules, only with their toes. The founders of this sport even tried to register his creation as an Olympic sport in 1997. But failed.

5. Fire football

What is football and what the rules are, they know everything. Fire football is the same, except that the ball is… burning. As the ball acts as a coconut soaked in kerosene, and the players smeared with salt and other spices that do not burn. They play barefoot.

6. Aglibol

It is easy to guess that aglibol is a wonderful combination of juggling and volleyball. It is played on a field that resembles a volleyball, two teams of 2-3 players each. Each player starts with two balls and another ball is served into play additionally. When one of players gets it, he is forced to juggle three balls until he sends one back in the game.

7. Beer mile

The beer mile was founded in Canada in 1989. In this game you need 4 times to run a distance of 400 meters and at the same time run to drink beer. According to the rules of the beer has to be a fortress in 5%, and each serving at least 350 ml. Victory depends on speed. The current world record is 4 minutes, 47 seconds set by James Nielsen.

8. American football in underwear

This game appeared in the USA as the joke in one of the Sunday Superpole, but now it is a real individual sport. Its essence is simple: girls playing American football in their underwear.