In Ukraine is rapidly imported cars

According to the “Ukravtoprom” Association, from January to November last year, Ukraine imported vehicles worth more than $ 1.7 billion. USA.

Most currency of this amount (almost us $ 1.3 billion) was spent on the import of cars, which were imported 77606 PCs.

Import of commercial vehicles cost 385,5 million dollars. For eleven months in Ukraine imported 30176 cargo and special. cars.

25,5 million dollars was paid for the buses, imports of which amounted to 1239 PCs.

Compared to the same period in 2015, foreign exchange costs for the import of vehicles grew by nearly 720 million dollars, and the number of imported motor vehicles increased by 26.3 thousand units.

The quantitative volume of imports of passenger cars increased by 36%, commercial vehicles by 23%, bus 7%. The average customs cost of imported cars for the year increased by 3.5 thousand dollars and amounted to 16.7 thousand dollars, in terms of commercial vehicles, this figure also increased by 3.5 thousand to $ 12.8 thousand dollars. The average customs cost of the bus was 21tys. USD (+11 thousand dollars).