America and Islam: 13 facts about which would do well to remember Trump

Morocco was the first country in 1777 to recognize the independence of the United States. It was a good beginning for relations between America and Islam. And throughout history, the United States had many Muslim allies. However, whatever the balance of relations, September 11 could not be broken, and now Donald trump is making a black list of seven Islamic States.

1. Morocco was first to recognize America

Once the American sailors in 1777 brought in Tangier the news of the revolt against the British, the Sultan Mohammed III was quick to recognize the United States as an independent state. The official American-Moroccan Treaty was signed in 1786, the US signed two future presidents: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Morocco and to this day remains a loyal ally of a superpower.

2. The victory of Marines in battle off the coast of Libya the basis of their national anthem

The battle of Derna (Libya) in 1805 was the first victory of the United States outside its own territory. Us Marines intervened in a dynastic dispute in Libya, a former vassal of the Ottoman Empire, not only emerged victorious, but gathered inspiration for his hymn, which is sung about the “shores of Tripoli” (The shores of Tripoli). This is a reference to the so-called Barbary wars, which were waged with the purpose to rescue American sailors captured by Muslim pirates.

3. The emergence of the “nation of Islam” in the heart of Detroit

In 1930, Wallace Fard Muhammad (Wallace Fard Muhammad) was founded in the Detroit organization called the “Nation of Islam”. If about this mysterious figure who disappeared four years later, we know quite a few, his successor, Elijah Muhammad (Elijah Muhammad) was famous for being able to attract to Islam, which in theory was the religion of the ancestors of African Americans, slaves — thousands of blacks and convinced them to take the surname “X” (as did Malcolm X) is lost once the African names. Members of the “Nation of Islam” black racists are a minority among the three million American Muslims. Today the organization is headed by Louis Farrakhan (Louis Farrakhan).

4. Roosevelt and Ibn Saud to discuss oil

On the way home from Yalta, the last conference of the Second world war, Franklin Roosevelt stopped in Egypt, and have taken on Board the ship Ibn Saud. The American President and founder of Saudi Arabia signed a simple agreement, which still works: America provides the custodians of Mecca and Medina protected from any external threat, and the Saudis are flooding the world with oil.

5. A key ally turned into a “Great Satan”

When, in February 1979, after fleeing the Shah returned home, the Ayatollah Khomeini, it has become clear that the revolution in Iran will be Islamic. Then hostages were taken at the American Embassy. A former ally of the Shah, America has become for Iranians a “Great Satan”.

6. With the Mujahideen against the Soviets

From the beginning of the invasion of Afghanistan, the United States supported Pakistan so that it supported the Afghan opposition to the red Army. However, the decisive role in the defeat of the Soviet Union played Stingers provided to Mujahideen since 1986, man-portable anti-aircraft missiles. As a result of the struggle between the warlords emerged the Taliban movement.

7. America attacks Saddam, but not overthrow it completely

With the support of the UN, the United States in 1991 were expelled from Kuwait of the Iraqi invaders, however, George Bush senior posadil of Saddam Hussein, which only in 2003 overthrew Bush during an unpopular Americans war.

8. Clinton trying to make peace between Rabin and Arafat

Through the President of the United States, Israelis and Palestinians in 1993 signed the Oslo agreement, which stipulated the existence of two States on the territory of historic Palestine. However, after the departure of bill Clinton, it has been 16 years, Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat is no longer alive, and the situation has barely moved forward.

9. New York twin towers victims of the global Jihad

“Al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx.ed.) founded in 1980-ies with the purpose of dealing with the Soviet Union, September 11, 2001 a terrorist attack in new York and Washington killed about three thousand people (these figures far exceed the number of deaths over Lockerbie in 1988). The mastermind behind the capture of civil aircraft became Osama bin Laden, a former Saudi Mujahid. Of the 19 hijackers 15 were Saudis. In retaliation, the US attacked Afghanistan where al-Qaeda protected by the Taliban.

10. Congress elected first Muslim

Keith Allison (Keith Elison), who was born in Detroit and converted to Islam, in 2006 was elected to the House of representatives as the candidate of the Democratic party.

11. The President with the name Hussein

The son of a white woman from Kansas and a Kenyan immigrant Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian, but never denied the fact that his relatives on the father practiced Islam. In addition, he lived in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, with his stepfather-a Muslim. Between 2009 and 2017 held the position of President of the United States, becoming the first African American in office.

12. The murder of the American Ambassador in Libya

In 2012, Islamist militiamen attacked the us Consulate in Benghazi and killed the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

13. Against the “Islamic state” in Syria and America

In 2014, the US carried out air strikes on ISIS (banned terrorist organizations — approx.ed.) in Syria and Iraq. In response, the jihadists have appealed for help to the terrorists who are single in the United States who have committed terrorist acts in San Bernardino, and Orlando.