How to choose the perfect jeans that will last you one season

Buy a good pair of jeans that are comfortable, beautiful and long lasting, it is often difficult. “Today” figured out what to pay attention to the money was not spent in vain.

“I believe that a good pair of jeans — a thing not for one season. They must be made of durable quality material, with a minimum of decoration type of rhinestones, sequins, holes, patches, and so on. Unfortunately, now is the time that the most expensive and branded products are actively copied by the Chinese craftsmen, and high risk to buy a fake. And you can buy branded but discount thing for $300-700, but look into it accordingly. Therefore it is better not to chase the “company”, and to take responsibility for the choice,” says the founder of one of the Ukrainian brands of jeans Georgiy Shevchenko. We figured out what to pay attention to buy high quality jeans.

Three cycles of life

Good pants are timeless, and of course modified during use. For example, immediately after the purchase, the jeans feature a saturated color (the better to give preference of Indigo — he was out of time): wear them as an element of classic style jackets. After a year they have wear, they become sharper and less appropriate for the office dress code: then they can be combined with the sweaters and t-shirts. Third or fourth year of life is already threadbare favorite pants in which to go Hiking or to carry out attacks on the holiday and trim under shorts. Quality jeans at every stage of their life will look stylish and relevant.

50 shades of blue. A variety of models is striking. Photo: A. Boyko

Classic or craft shop

Since 2000 years, except for large firms — the “classics” production of high-quality jeans, there are many brands of small companies. They also offer clothes made of good denim, made in America, Italy and Japan.

“There are classic denim brands Levi’s, JStar, Lee, Wrangler. Unfortunately, their products is better to buy abroad: each manufacturer has different lines, but to reach only the most inexpensive, bargain basement model. And in the vast Ukrainian market, they are a half to two times more expensive than the shop somewhere abroad. But it is better to sew jeans in small workshops, I would call them artisan workshops: there pants are sewn in single copies. They are slightly more expensive, and you get a quality item, made exclusively for you. So, you believe that this thing will last you a long time and will grow old beautifully,” explains George.

The average good quality from the right denim jeans will cost 1-2,5 thousand UAH.

THE “HORRORS” OF FAKES. Cheap pants is bad not only because that ugly sit and wear out faster. In their manufacture, usually used harmful dyes, and the fading to do with acid (not boiling). Therefore, especially careful with such purchases need to be Allergy sufferers and people with other health problems.

Selection: do not expect to pass

Jeans not only stretch, but even sit down after washing. So do not buy a little in the hope that the “spread”. That is, they can and will be more comfortable, but will last long: fibers from strong tension thinned and torn. The most vulnerable spot of the pants between the legs, that’s where they wear out most quickly, and at high tension. they will be much faster. Also not only like, but be sure to sit in jeans on a chair, throw one leg over the other, and sit down on his haunches.


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Watching: sewing and fabric

In good and durable denim — twill — used two lines: dark blue Indigo top, unpainted and bright on the inside. The fabric is quite tight, she felt the weight (the approximate weight of a pair of classic jeans 500-700 g) with a characteristic rough texture, when compression is not susceptible to fractures. If the netting is not visible and the scars barely noticeable — this is a cheap and substandard fabric.

Most jeans are 100% cotton, but there are those that contain additives elastin fibers (on the label: elastine or spandex). They better keep their shape, not a “bubble” on my knees, but do not overdo it with the “rubber” — no more than 5-10%. Jeans during the first three washings can fade is acceptable, but to paint the legs they should not.

CUT. Indicator of quality is the symmetry of the model. Fold the jeans at the length to make sure that the legs of the same width and length, no “bulging” or “garmoshechno” areas.

SEAMS. The seams on the inner side of the leg and the external looks different. The stitch length should be the same, and the seam is smooth, without twists. It is easy to check: when the jeans are hanging on the hanger, the seams should be clearly on the sides. On the back pockets, many manufacturers make special stitching (no loose threads!).

RIVETS AND BUTTONS. On the reverse side must have the mark of the manufacturer.

ZIP. Shall be of durable metal, with a dog and double latch. It is suitable for jeans, a good tight figure. And buttons”bolts” approach to jeans, wide cut, usually male.

It is important to all. Learn the thing from the fabric to the seam

To shorten or not

Sometimes sellers offer to buy long jeans — like, they can be shortened. But experience shows that this is not always a good idea: it is worth spending a little more time and effort, but finding pants that will fit you perfectly in length, and not to take risks with new pants, giving them pruning. And there are a few reasons:

1. Shortening, you can break the ratio of cut: shifting designed by designers of the length of the knees, you change the width of the lower edge of the trousers and jeans are far from original ideas.

2. If they are cropped poorly, such as uneven seams, the pants can be twisted and look ugly.

Wash the pants before attributed to the dressmaker (perhaps several times): they can get more than you bargained for.