The GOP hawks prepare new sanctions against Russia – Politico

Next week will worsen the clash because Russia – the fight senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham elected President of the United States trump, predicts Politico, writes InoPressa.

“It is expected that there will be published a draft resolution on sanctions, which these two Republicans are now writing together with allied Democrats,” explains journalist Austin Wright.

The desire of McCain and Graham to push through new sanctions to punish Russia for alleged interference in the elections in the United States, can split the faction of Republicans in the Senate. The Republicans will have to choose between a traditional hard attitude of their party towards Russia and sympathy trump to Putin.

The main author of the new regulation on sanctions – democratic Senator Ben Cardin hopes to introduce a draft resolution next week. He intends to persuade two other Democrats and at least one Republican to support the project, to present it as an initiative of both parties, the author writes, citing an unnamed staff member of the Senate.

“The staff member said that the decree Trump will be offered a “menu of options” – some penalties for Russia. Despite the fact that this measure should not “tie the hands” of future administrations trump, it certainly will exacerbate the friction of the elected President with McCain and Graham,” writes Wright. These two senators most sharply criticized trump on foreign policy issues.

McCain expressed hope that the new resolution on sanctions will be widely supported by the Republicans.

Graham said that “I would be glad to improve relations with Russia, but Russia is not interested in improving relations. She is interested in trying the weakening of international organizations like the (EU) and NATO and the inspiration of discontent we have at hand”.

He added that the new resolution on sanctions will be directed against the energy and financial sectors of Russia and noted that the energy sector is “the lifeblood of the Russian economy,” reports the author.

Cardin argued that the regulation interested in very many of both parties. “But he acknowledged that even if new sanctions are enshrined in the resolution, Congress can do little, in order to force trump to apply them in practice, if one does not want”, – is spoken in article. Probably the resolution is that the President can temporarily cancel the sanctions if it is in the interests of the United States.